2009-2010 Budget Summary: The Professions

Program Office Description

The Office of the Professions provides a number of services to the public and the professions, including the following:

  • reviews programs that prepare students for professional licensure;
  • designs and administers licensing examinations;
  • processes applications, reviews qualifications, issues credentials in 48 professions and evaluates educational credentials of candidates from over 100 countries;
  • registers entities such as professional corporations, pharmacies, continuing education providers and providers of courses in infection control and the identification and reporting of child abuse;
  • investigates and prosecutes professional misconduct and unlicensed practice throughout the State;
  • assists professionals who have substance abuse problems; and
  • advises the public on professional services and assists professionals in staying current with regulatory developments and emerging issues.

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Total 2008-2009 - $43.1 Million

Program Office Goals

  1. The credentialing and discipline processes are fair, prompt, clear and accurate.
  2. Accurate information will be provided promptly in a clear and courteous manner to consumers, licensees and the interested public.
  3. Policies, practice interpretations, standards, decisions and processes for the licensed professions balance the needs and concerns of consumers and professionals, consistent with the law.
  4. All staff are informed, share in decision-making, are clear about their roles, have meaningful responsibility and opportunity to contribute and have training to develop their potential.
  5. Partnerships are developed to promote diversity and increase awareness of careers in the licensed professions.


To protect the public by fostering high standards of professional licensure, practice and discipline.

Key Results

Performance Measure - Ensuring that the public receives professional services by appropriately licensed professionals.


  • The number of licensed professionals in NYS was 713,284 in April 2006, 740,766 in April 2007 and 760,929 in April 2008


  • Continue to increase the supply of competent licensed professionals in New York State

Performance Measure - Maintaining a high percentage of professional discipline cases that are resolved through the case resolution process to ensure timely resolution of these cases to protect the public and enhance the integrity of the licensed professions


  • Percentage of cases resolved through consents, often utilizing the informal settlement process was 90% in 2005, 90% in 2006 and 87.4% in 2007


  • Maintain a high percentage of non-hearing resolution of discipline adjudications

Performance Measure - Ensuring that licensees and the public have accurate and timely information concerning professional services, practice issues, licensure status, etc. through outreach to licensees and the public through State Boards, consumer brochures and information for applicants and professionals via Web services, including access by consumers to the on-line license verification system


  • In 2003-2004 there were 5,450,627 cases of outreach to the public and licensees. In 2007-2008 this number reached 17,884,727


  • Continue to provide increased outreach to licensees and the public

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Last Updated: March 4, 2009