2009-2010 Budget Summary: Office of Operations and Management Services

Program Office Description

The Office of Operations and Management Services provides executive direction, leadership and administrative support for all major program offices to assist them in realizing the six Regents goals established in the Department’s strategic plan.  Basic functions include human resources management, labor relations, staff development, fiscal services, budgeting, information technology, business services, facilities management, auditing, public information, intergovernmental relations and legal services.

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Total 2008-2008 - $156.4 Million

Program Office Goals

  1. We will exercise leadership in promoting the efficient and effective use of educational resources.
  2. We will ensure the accessibility of high-quality information, services and tools to State Education Department (SED) program managers, staff and our external customers and stakeholders.
  3. We will develop and strengthen partnerships with our stakeholders and customers in order to promote public understanding and support for educational policies which advance the Regents Strategic Plan.
  4. We will ensure that Department practices, policies and decisions comply with the law through the provision of a broad range of services.
  5. We will promote a highly productive, diverse and motivated workforce.
  6. We will provide a clean, attractive, environmentally safe and secure work environment for SED staff.

Operations and Management Services - State Operations

Capital Construction Projects

Regents Budget Initiative: Capital Construction Projects

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Last Updated: March 4, 2009