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Frequently Asked Questions
These FAQs address a variety of issues related to budgeting and reporting grant funds. The use of grant funds depends upon the particular grant, and questions about the appropriate use of funds should be directed to the program office responsible for the grant.
Fiscal Guidelines for Federal and State Grants (Revised 10/09)
The Guidelines provide general information regarding the financial management of State and federal grants by local agencies, including the financial forms required for grants and allowable costs.
Funding and Grants from SED
Policy Advisory - Agency Registration in the Federal System for Award Management
This January 2013 notice informs agencies receiving grants from the State Education Department of the requirement to obtain a DUNS number and register in the federal System for Award Management.
Policy Advisory - Interest Earned on Federal Funds
This September 2009 notice informs local agencies receiving grants from the State Education Department of the requirement to return interest earned on cash advances.
Policy Advisory - FS-25 Payments for Federal and State Grants
This June 2009 notice informs local agencies of a policy change in the use of form FS-25 Request for Funds and provides guidance regarding requirements for receiving funds for anticipated expenditures using form FS-25.
Policy Advisory - Allocating and Billing Central Service Costs to Grants
This 2001 advisory describes the requirements for billing central service costs to federal or State grants.
Policy Advisory - Grant Reporting Requirements for Equipment Purchases
This 2005 advisory clarifies the change in federal regulations regarding the dollar threshold for classifying an item as equipment.
Federal Education Grants Management Requirements (687 KB) Adobe Acrobat File
This presentation from the law firm Brustein & Manasevit covers numerous issues, from cash management requirements to monitoring, audits, and enforcement.
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