FS-10-F Short Form Documentation Requirements

In August 2005, the Department introduced the FS-10-F Short Form to report final expenditure data for grants and grant contracts. Unless directed in the grant application/RFP or by Department staff to submit the FS-10-F Long Form, agencies should use the FS-10-F Short Form, provided the report is submitted in accordance with report timelines (generally 30 days following the end of the grant for State grants and 90 days for federal grants). Those submission guidelines remain in place, and, for most grants, the FS-10-F Short Form remains the appropriate mechanism for reporting actual expenditures.

However, agencies must continue to maintain complete and accurate records that support the reported expenditures. To ensure that information can be made available on a timely basis to authorized individuals, which include State, federal and local auditors and staff from the Department, the Office of the State Comptroller and federal agencies, and to reduce the burden upon agencies of having to reassemble grant expenditure data on short notice, Grants Finance has established new documentation requirements for the FS-10-F Short Form, as follows:

  • Agencies must record grant expenditure details in a manner consistent with the internal pages of the FS-10-F Long Form and must maintain this information in their files.
  • These details must be readily available upon request from authorized individuals.

The FS-10-F Long Form pages themselves (or a comparable format) should be used to summarize expenditures prior to completing the FS-10-F Short Form. While many agencies already use this approach, others will need to modify their internal procedures to ensure compliance with this documentation requirement. The requirement to maintain complete grant accounting records, including documents in support of all costs, remains in place. The Fiscal Guidelines for Federal and State Grants will be updated to reflect the new requirements.

Thank you for your cooperation. Questions may be directed to Grants Finance at grantsweb@mail.nysed.gov or (518) 474-4815.

Issued 7/1/08