State Support to Public School Districts



History - State Aid as a percent of total expenditures for public schools

Revenue Sources


The school year is funded from two State fiscal years with 70 percent (plus $378.2 million) paid by March 31 (the end of first State fiscal year)

Aid Programs

*Note: For 1999-00 the group of aids includes Operating, Tax Effort and Tax Equalization Aids.

Legislative History


Local Support for

Public School Districts

School District Types

Property Tax

Tax Limits

Other Local Revenue Sources

Education - A $30 Billion Enterprise - 1999-00 estimated

Total State School Aid $12.9 billion

which represents 42.1 % of

Total General and Special Aid

Fund Expenditures of $30.6 billion

chart of revenue sources

chart of expenditures, 1984-85

chart of expenditures, 1996-97

Components of School Finance

A Comparison of School Districts

by Property Wealth Per Student


Key Concepts Concerning School Aid


Purposes of State Aid to Schools

Largest Aid Categories

Estimated 1999-00 (in millions)

Operating Aid $5,929

Extraordinary Needs Aid $666

Special Education $1,772

Transportation $828

Building, Including BANs $1,135

BOCES $426

Subtotal $10,756


Total $12,657


Operating Aid*

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