Student Intern Program

Program Area: P-12 Education

Program Office: Office of Accountability

Manager/Chief: Ira Schwartz, Assistant Commissioner

  1. Office/Bureau Description

The Office of Accountability oversees accountability and compliance for schools and Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in New York State.  The Office works to close the achievement gap by identifying and supporting schools and LEAs that are low-performing as well as those interested in replicating the best practices of the State’s high performing and rapidly improving schools and districts.  The Office implements New York’s Differentiated Accountability system by supporting schools and LEAs that are in improvement, corrective action or restructuring through the assignment of School Quality Review Teams, Joint Intervention Teams, and Distinguished Educators who review organizational structures and educational practices and make recommendations for improvement.  The Office works to ensure equity and access to high quality educational programs for all students by managing State and Federal allocations to LEAs, including budget approvals and monitoring of grant programs.  In addition, the office also directly administers several programs that are designed to ensure school accountability and to strengthen education for all children throughout New York State.

  1. Intern's Supervisor

Crystal Cumberbatch-Greene, Associate

  1. The Assignment (Description of Job)

Under the direction of the Associate, the intern will assist in implementation of one of the Regents strategic vision for P-12.  The intern will become a member of the School Accountability Workgroup and will conduct research, analyze data, and prepare reports pertaining to issues regarding school accountability.  The intern will assist in developing correspondence with the field regarding identification of schools for registration review and/or persistently lowest achieving, adequate yearly progress targets, supplementary performance indicators for special schools and other issues relating to school accountability.  The intern will participate in numerous workgroups to assist staff in the work of the Office.

  1. Intern Development Plan

The intern will receive an orientation to the State Education Department, and its system of accountability.  The intern will have opportunities to learn how to review performance data to determine the accountability status of schools and how to conduct visits to schools under registration review.  The intern will participate in a variety of meetings.  This internship would be beneficial to graduate students pursuing degrees in education, social sciences, history, policy studies or a related field (inclusive of law students with similar interest).

Last Updated: May 16, 2014