Student Intern Program


Program Area: Office of Higher Education

Program Office: Office of K-16 Initiatives and Access Programs, Teacher Development Programs Unit

Manager/Chief: Stanley S. Hansen Jr.

  1. Office/Bureau Description

The Teacher Development Programs Unit, which is part of the Office of K-16 Initiatives and Access Programs, serves an important mission. Through a variety of programs, the Teacher Development Programs Unit serves over 10,000 teachers in districts throughout the state.  The Unit supports 51 projects in institutions of higher education throughout New York State.  The Unit’s mission is the coordination of a myriad of teacher recruitment, development, recognition and professional development activities administered by the State Education Department. 

The Teacher Development Programs Unit also provides critical support via a variety of State and federal programs for the important mission of encouraging and supporting the professional development of teachers at the pre-service and in-service levels.  Additionally, the Unit provides oversight for a variety of Leadership Initiatives designed to support the development of educational administrators.  Statewide teacher recognition programs that provide recognition to stellar teachers include the Teacher of the Year Program (TOTY) and the Helen Bach Moss Memorial Better Beginnings Award (BBA).  Grant/Contract  Programs administered within the Unit include the Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) grants program which provides funds for local school districts to recruit and retain teachers, the Teacher Opportunity Corps (TOC) which provides funds to colleges and universities to offer services designed to encourage underrepresented minorities to enter teaching and to prepare teachers to successfully teach at-risk students and the Teacher/Leader Quality Partnership Program (TLQP) which provides federal funds to colleges and universities in order for them to prepare professional development services to local school districts.

  1. Intern's Supervisor

Kathleen Clarity, the Unit Supervisor will directly supervise the Interns.  Ms. Clarity has mentored and supervised a number of graduate student interns as well as undergraduate students who have assisted the Department in seasonal positions designed to support core activities. Ms. Clarity has 35 years of experience in educational settings and the majority of this experience includes work with students at the college level in undergraduate and graduate education programs.  She has served as a mentor to many capital district students over the years and has held leadership positions in college level programs designed to enhance students’ adademic and career success.

  1. The Assignment (Description of Job)

Under the direction of the Supervisor for the Teacher Development Programs Unit and program staff, and guided by a higher education mentor, Interns will assist in the administrative duties required by the multiple teacher development grants, contracts, activities and programs administered within the Unit.  Among other tasks, the Intern(s) will:

  • Do research related to grant and contract applications and reapplications
  • Assist in the review of proposed budgets for the 2009-10 projects
  • Assist with duties related to data collection/analysis for quarterly and annual reports
  • Prepare for and take part in a number of statewide activities on public policy related to teacher recruitment and development and certification as well as school district leader recruitment, development and professional certification
  • Assist in planning periodic meetings with various stakeholder groups - Review national research on best practices in teacher and leader recruitment, development and recognition
  • Help create a wide variety of materials for use within the unit
  • Help in the planning/creation of a variety of communication activities including surveys, web based communications, meetings, etc related to the projects administered
  • Interact with a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders of the unit’s core projects
  • Help develop evaluation and tracking instruments for activities described above and suggest refinements and enhancements as needed

We anticipate that a full-time Graduate Intern would be employed appropriately 20 hours per week throughout the period of the internship.  In the event that two Interns are selected on a part-time basis, we anticipate scheduling each of two Interns for appropriately 15-20 hours of work each week.

  1. Intern Development Plan

The Interns will receive an orientation to the State Education Department, the Office of Higher Education and the various areas in the Office of K-16 Initiatives and Access Programs and the many programs statewide that this office funds and oversees.  The Interns will be provided many opportunities to learn how the work of the Department is shaped by, and in turn, shapes public policy.  The Interns will interact with a wide variety of educational leaders who represent the statewide sectors of public and private education.  Relevant research including research related to key issues in teacher recruitment and recognition will be a developmental activity as well as an assignment for the Interns.  Working with materials related to the Unit’s key functions will allow the Interns to take part in creating  public information materials designed to keep  stakeholders informed and involved.  The Interns will help arrange and will attend key meetings and events and will take part in a variety of training and professional developmental activities.

The Interns will be provided an orientation into the NYS Civil Service System and will be given guidance and encouragement related to securing permanent employment within state government at the completion of his/her studies.  The Interns will be encouraged to take advantage of the wide variety of training and professional development opportunities available within the Department.  Particular emphasis will be placed on activities and classes that pertain to career development, including classes on supervision and management.  The Interns will have opportunities to take part in statewide training offerings provided by the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations, the NYSED Training Unit and other  educational opportunities as available and appropriate.  All trainings will be recommended according to the potential of these activities to enhance Interns’ skills and career goals.  Emphasis on career paths in education, especially those opportunities within the Education Department, will help ensure that the Interns consider career possibilities with the Department and are supported in this goal.

Last Updated: May 16, 2014