Student Intern Program


Program Area: Performance Improvement and Management Services

Program Office: Office of Human Resources Management

  1. Office/Bureau Description

The Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) functions within the Performance Improvement and Management Services program area at the State Education Department.  OHRM is charged with providing a competent and capable workforce for the attainment of Agency goals.  Accordingly, OHRM is responsible for the research, analysis, development and implementation of Departmental policies and procedures as they may relate to employment processes, personnel, benefits and payroll administration, diversity and inclusion, labor relations management, recruitment and outreach, and training and workforce development.  The aforementioned objectives must be developed and implemented so as to be consistent with applicable State and Federal employment requirements, in addition to relevant human rights and equal employment provisions, and negotiated collective bargaining agreements. 

  1. Intern's Supervisor


  1. The Assignment (Description of Job)

Under the direction of the Director of Human Resources Management, this candidate will be directly involved and engaged in the research, analysis and development of pertinent HR policies, practices, and procedures.  In this capacity, the candidate will be asked to research, model, and recommend policy “best practices.”  This candidate will be directly exposed to the Department’s policy-making process which includes, researching and determining the need for potential initiatives, understanding the variables and considerations that contribute to the effective development and dissemination of policy, in addition to exposure to appropriate implementation and assessment strategies utilized to attain valuable insight as it relates to developed policies and practices.  Specifically, this candidate will be assigned to the research and development of Departmental initiatives as they may relate to an NYSED Employee Fingerprinting policy, a Fleet Management Policy (the articulation/development of internal controls for Agency-owned vehicles), as well as reviewing and assessing the appropriateness of additional Security measures and protocols that may be implemented within the Department, among other assignments. 

  1. Intern Development Plan

The Intern Development Plan includes:

  • Exposing the candidate to the scope of responsibilities maintained within the State Education Department
  • Providing the candidate with an overview of SED’s organizational structure and program activity
  • Participation in meetings with Senior-level Agency management
  • Availing the candidate to pertinent Departmental training opportunities
  • Exposing the candidate to opportunities for employment within the NYS Civil Service System
  • Involvement in policy-making and policy-implementing discussions within the Agency



Last Updated: March 27, 2012