NYS Education Department Building

Administrative Assistant, SG-18, (PEF)
Administrative Assistant Trainee 1, NS (PEF)

LOCATION: Garden City
SALARY: $55,494*

The New York State Education Department’s (NYSED’s) Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) is seeking applicants to fill an Administrative Assistant position in the Garden City District Office.  Under the supervision of the District Manager Vocational Rehabilitation, major responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Oversee and supervise the Finance Unit to ensure proper processing of voucher payments, contract payments, and transportation payments; 
  • Implement internal controls and ensure fiscal accountability with internal stakeholders and service providers;
  • Act as the liaison for the District Office with other NYSED departments such as Facilities Management and Fiscal Management;
  • Oversight of the office’s building maintenance needs through interactions with landlords, payment of utilities, and other transactions; and
  • Perform additional duties as assigned.

Reassignment: One year of permanent competitive or 55b/c service as an Administrative Assistant.

§70.1 or §52.6 Transfer to Administrative Assistant:  One year of permanent competitive or 55b/c service in a title SG-16 or above deemed eligible for transfer under §70.1 or §52.6 of the Civil Service Law.
§70.1 or §52.6 Transfer to Administrative Assistant Trainee 1:  One year of permanent competitive or 55b/c service in a title SG-11 or above deemed eligible for transfer under §70.1 or §52.6 of the Civil Service Law.
Eligible List Appointment:  Candidates who are reachable on the New York State Education Department’s Public Administration Trainee Transition (PATT) eligible list, the Public Management Intern (PMI) eligible list, or the Professional Career Opportunities (PCO) eligible list may be considered for appointment.
§70.4 Transfer:  Candidates may be eligible for transfer to Administrative Assistant Trainee 1 if they possess a Bachelor’s degree AND have one year of permanent competitive or 55b/c service in a title SG-11 or higher AND have standing on the PCO or PATT eligible list.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT: This will be a permanent appointment.  Promotions and transfers may change appointees’ negotiating unit.  Applicants should be aware that changes in negotiating units may affect their salary, insurance, and other benefits. 
The salary listed above applies to candidates appointed to Administrative Assistant, SG-18.  The hiring rate for candidates appointed to Administrative Assistant Trainee 1 starts at $42,143, and for current New York State employees, is based on the candidate’s salary at the time of hire.  Transfer candidates to Administrative Assistant Trainee 1 and appointees from the PATT, PMI, or PCO lists will serve a two-year traineeship leading to the grade 18 salary level.

Employees of ACCES-VR who are currently in an Administrative Assistant position and are interested in transferring to the location indicated on this flyer MUST apply for the position as outlined in the Application section of this flyer. 

NOTE:  If you are on the Civil Service eligible list for this title, you may receive a canvass letter.  You must complete and return it as instructed on the letter.

*Leads to a maximum salary of $70,566 based on annual performance advances.
**Plus $3,026 annual downstate location adjustment.

APPLICATION: Qualified candidates should send a resume and letter of interest by August 7, 2017 to accesjobs@nysed.gov.  (Email submissions preferred.)  You must include the Box number (ACS-1924/44262) of the position in the subject line of your email and/or cover letter to ensure receipt of your application.

Office of Human Resources Management
Box ACS-1924/44262
NYS Education Department
89 Washington Avenue, Room 528 EB
Albany, NY 12234
Fax (518) 486-5631
E-mail: accesjobs@nysed.gov

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Last Updated: July 17, 2017