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Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, SG-19, (PEF)
(15 positions)

LOCATION: Brooklyn***, Buffalo, Elmira, Hauppauge*** (2 positions), Johnstown,
Long Island City*** (2 positions), Malone, Middletown**, Spring Valley***,
Utica (2 positions), White Plains*** (2 positions)
SALARY: $58,501*

The New York State Education Department’s Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services – Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) is seeking to fill fifteen (15) Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor positions located in the Brooklyn, Buffalo, Hauppauge, Malone, Long Island City, Utica, and White Plains District Offices and the Elmira, Johnstown, Middletown, and Spring Valley Satellite Offices. The incumbents will work as part of a team effort to assist persons with disabilities to attain employment, educational and/or independent living goals. They will coordinate the resources of the family, community and specialists; utilize rehabilitation facilities and workshops, schools and universities, employers and employer groups; and through direct personal counseling, bring the consumer to the best possible rehabilitation outcome.

Reassignment: One year of permanent competitive or 55b/c service as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

§70.1 Transfer: One year of permanent competitive or 55b/c service in as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (Spanish Language) or Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (Manual Communications).

Eligible List Appointment: Candidates who are reachable on the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor eligible list may be considered for appointment.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor is a continuous recruitment examination. To qualify for the examination, you must have a current Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) certificate OR a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling, including a supervised internship from a Council on Rehabilitation Education (CORE) accredited program OR a master's degree in rehabilitation counseling or counseling and notice of eligibility to sit for the CRCC certificate examination.
Areas of evaluation and application instructions for this examination are available on the Department of Civil Service web site at http://www.cs.ny.gov/examannouncements/announcements/oc-cr/20-881.cfmPlease send application forms for the exam to the Department of Civil Service.

Employees of ACCES-VR who are currently in a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor position and are interested in transferring to a location listed on this flyer MUST apply for the position as outlined in the Application section of this flyer. 

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:   These will be contingent permanent or permanent appointments.  Promotions and transfers may change appointees’ negotiating unit.  Applicants should be aware that changes in negotiating units may affect their salary, insurance, and other benefits.

NOTE:  If you are on the Civil Service eligible list for this title, you may receive a canvass letter.  You must complete and return it as instructed on the letter.

*Leads to a maximum salary of $74,301 through annual performance advances.
**Plus $1,513 annual Mid-Hudson location adjustment
***Plus $3,026 annual downstate location adjustment.

APPLICATION: Qualified candidates should send a resume and letter of interest by August 4, 2017 to accesjobs@nysed.gov (email submissions are preferred).  You must include the Box number (listed below) of the position in the subject line of your email and/or cover letter to ensure receipt of your application.                              

Office of Human Resources Management
Box ACS-1939/44223 (Brooklyn)
Box: ACS-1962/43420 (Buffalo)
Box: ACS-1928/43231 (Elmira)
Box: ACS-1922/45226 (Hauppauge)
Box: ACS-1938/45435 (Hauppauge)
Box: ACS-1950/44631 (Johnstown)
Box: ACS-1949/46226, 46233 (Long Island City)
Box: ACS-1952/43838 (Malone)
Box: ACS-1951/44025 (Middletown)
Box: ACS-1921/46421 (Spring Valley)
Box: ACS-1937/44422, 44625 (Utica)
Box: ACS-1948/46428, 46436 (White Plains)

NYS Education Department
89 Washington Avenue, Room 528 EB
Albany, NY 12234
Fax (518) 486-5631
E-mail: accesjobs@nysed.gov

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Last Updated: July 14, 2017