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Director of Education Research, M-5 (MC)

SALARY: $101,149-127,794*

The State Education Department is seeking skilled professionals interested in joining a team to oversee the transformation of New York State’s data collection, management and reporting processes that contribute to the State education accountability and school/instructional improvement system, including implementing and monitoring the Department’s data collection schedule and reporting calendar for federal and State accountability.  The Director of Education Research will supervise the Office of Information and Reporting Services.

The candidate must have a working knowledge of computer software; exhibit excellent analytical ability; have strong written and verbal communication, interpersonal, management and leadership skills; have the ability to quickly gain an understanding of complicated issues in a variety of program areas and be capable of managing sensitive data with tact, integrity and in a responsible manner.  Responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

  • Leading and implementing a major reform and expansion of the Department’s educational data collection and reporting to ensure the use of best practices in data-driven classroom instruction;
  • Leading the development of Department policy related to accountability, research and data analysis, collection and reporting for consideration by senior managers and the Board of Regents;
  • Directing the planning and development of reports to the Board of Regents and other public reports related to data-driven policy initiatives and discussions, student achievement trends, accountability issues, etc.;
  • Providing overall strategic and management oversight for the collection, evaluation and implementation of all educational data including the data management work of various offices that have programmatic responsibility for education data reporting.  Aligning data collection, management and reporting decisions with Board of Regents/Department business and educational policy and rules;
  • Leading current P-20 data projects and directly supervising management staff responsible for the current data collection and reporting functions, including the creation of data definitions, data standards and annual calendars;
  • Leading collaborative data policy and practice committees with regional and local school district personnel. Overseeing technical assistance and training to key stakeholder groups;
  • Leading the SED Data Management Board to oversee the proper use and dissemination of education data;
  • Directing and overseeing the work of project managers and any vendors involved in building a process or performing a service as part of the data collection/reporting function;
  • Developing systems to effectively communicate data policy and practices to all affected parties in the field. Leading statewide advisory group meetings to ensure that all data collection statewide is consistent, timely and accurate; and
  • Participating in national forums related to accountability, data collection and education research.

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:  This will be a permanent or provisional appointment.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  For permanent appointment, candidates must have one year of permanent competitive service in a title eligible for transfer under the provisions of Section 52.6 of the Civil Service law.  For provisional appointment, candidates must have a master’s degree and nine years of professional experience in qualitative and quantitative research involving the collection, management, analysis and reporting of data using complex data systems. Three of the nine years of experience must have been in the collection, reporting and analyzing of educational data. Four of the nine years must have been in a management capacity, which included at least one year of supervisory experience, involving policy development and/or strategic decision making.

* Leads to a maximum salary of $127,794 based on annual performance advances.

Application:  Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until a candidate is appointed.  We encourage applicants to apply as soon as possible.  Qualified candidates should send a resume and letter of interest to p12jobs@mail.nysed.gov (email submissions are preferred).  Please include the box number (P12-1034) of the position in the subject line of your email to ensure receipt of your application.

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Last Updated: November 8, 2012