Alert #05-6

New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)

School/Preschool Supportive Health Services Program (SSHSP/PSHSP)

Medicaid in Education Unit

Issue #05-6

TO:                      All SSHSP/PSHSP Medicaid Providers


FROM:                NYSDOH SSHSP/PSHSP Medicaid in Education Unit


DATE:                 October 19, 2005




This alert is to inform all SSHSP and PSHSP providers that when they need to upload the new CLMRJECT files into their Medicaid claiming software, the process for saving/naming/uploading this file is identical to the current process for managing the remittance file.  From Web Reports, save the CLMRJECT file as MRxxxxxx.asc , where  x = the first six digits of the providers BEDS code.  The file can then be uploaded into the claiming software.  The CLMRJECT file can be uploaded either before or after the remittance file.


Additionally, please be aware that the CLMRJECT file will be part of the billing process, not the remittance process.  The file will be placed on Web Reports with all the other billing reports and files according to the current claiming /billing calendar.


Finally, with regard to the remittance process, please be aware that since pending claims are now processed continuously (rather than held for “purge” runs, as in the past) providers may see remittance reports and corresponding remittance data files more often then the current monthly basis.

                                                          John G. Poulos, Systems Consultant, CNYRIC



For any questions/comments regarding this alert, please contact your Regional Information Center representative or your New York State Department of Health Medicaid in Education representative.

Last Updated: June 5, 2009