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School Supportive Health Services Program
Preschool Supportive Health Services Program

Updated Questions & Answers are as of December 9, 2016; please click on the link provided to view. To facilitate searching by keywords, the separately issued Questions & Answers have also been posted in a single document, Combined Questions & Answers.

Provider Policy and Billing Handbook is issued as of March 2018. Please note this updated handbook should replace any guidebook you are currently using.

Medicaid Alert 20-06 (HTML) (8 KB) (posted 11/13/20)
Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) Upcoming Staff Pool Lists/Calendar Certifications for the Rest of State (ROS)

Medicaid Alert 20-05 (HTML) (11 KB) (posted 9/11/20)
Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) to Resume 10/1/20 For the Rest of State (ROS)

Medicaid Alert 20-04 (HTML) (11 KB) (posted 7/29/20)
2018-19 Certified Public Expenditure (CPE) Cost Report Timeline and Training

Medicaid Alert 20-03 (HTML) (10 KB) (posted 07/10/20)
2017-18 Certified Public Expenditure (CPE) Claims Submitted to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)

Medicaid Alert 20-02 (HTML) (11 KB) (posted 04/02/2020)
Telephonic Services for SSHSP Medicaid Providers During the COVID-19 State of Emergency
Medicaid Alert 20-02 Addendum (HTML) (41 KB) (posted 06/05/2020)
Frequently Asked Questions on SSHSP Services During the COVID-19 State of Emergency

Medicaid Alert 20-01 (HTML) (8 KB) (posted 02/06/2020)
Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) – Upcoming Staff Pool Lists (SPL)/Calendar Certifications for the Rest of State (ROS)

Medicaid Alert 19-06 (HTML) (9 KB) (posted 12/16/19)
Desk Reviews in process for 2017-2018 SSHSP Cost Report and Cost Reporting for 2018-2019

Medicaid Alert 19-05 (HTML) (8 KB) (posted 9/4/19)
Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) Upcoming Staff Pool Lists/Calendar Certifications for the Rest of State (ROS)

Medicaid Alert 19-04 (HTML) (92.1 KB) (posted 9/4/19)
Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) to Resume 10/1/19 For the Rest of State (ROS)

Medicaid Alert 19-03 (HTML) (8 KB) (posted 8/5/19)
eMedNY modification for SSHSP attending provider claim editing

Medicaid Alert 19-02 (HTML) (9 KB) (posted 6/13/19)
Claiming Window for SSHSP Medicaid Claims

CPE/Cost Settlement WebEx Trainings
Public Consulting Group (PCG) will be conducting CPE/Cost Settlement WebEx trainings next week. Each training will be the same and will demonstrate the CPE and Cost Settlement process, which includes PCG’s role in the process and what is expected from the districts and counties. The CPE/Cost Settlement WebEx trainings will be held at the below dates and times, registration is required. Participants may register at any time prior to the start of a session by clicking on the link below. When registering please enter your school district or county agency name in the box labeled “Company Name”. An email confirming that the registration was successful will be sent.

WebEx NY SSHSP CPE/Cost Settlement Training Information
Date Time Link
Monday, 4/8 10:00am – 11:00am Click here to register
Wednesday, 4/10 2:00pm – 3:00pm Click here to Register
Friday, 4/12 11:30am – 12:30pm Click here to Register

Please Note
For providers who cannot make any of the CPE/Cost Settlement WebEx trainings, there will be a recorded webinar posted to the MCRCS dashboard the week of April 15th. In addition, there will be a NY SSHSP Cost Settlement Calculation Training PowerPoint presentation posted to the dashboard.

DISCLAIMER: This message was sent to the individuals that are listed on your respective district’s contact list. If contact information needs to be updated or removed please email us at

Medicaid Alert 19-01 (HTML) (12 KB) (posted 1/24/19)
DOH CIN Matching Project Implementation

Compliance Program Resources
The NYS Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) has made available the following 2018 resources for Social Services Law Section 363-d and 18 NYCRR Part 521 compliance program certification:

If you have any questions, please contact OMIG’s Bureau of Compliance at (518) 408-0401 or

SSHSP Medicaid 101 Training (posted 10/6/17)
SSHSP Medicaid 101 Training Available via WebEx

Medicaid Billing by a School District or County does not jeopardize Medicaid Billing by any other Medicaid Provider.

The School Supportive Health Services Program (SSHSP) allows the school district to access Medicaid funding for services that it must provide at the school as part of the normal school day under federal and state education law, it is not a separate program from the rest of Medicaid. If the child needs a service at 9:00 in the evening (or on a weekend), a provider can bill for that service even though the school district billed for a similar service provided at 1:00 in the afternoon.

There is no edit or other systems process that would prevent paying a claim to a Medicaid provider on the same day or even the same month that the school district billed Medicaid for a medical service provided to a Medicaid eligible child.

Last Updated: November 13, 2020