Contract Payment Process

The following documentation is required as part of the Contract Payment Process and needs to be submitted to SED's Medicaid Unit as a complete package at the end of each quarter. Links are provided so you can easily access these forms.

  • Standard Voucher PDF Link (103.45 KB)
  • FS-10 PDF Link (72.39 KB)
  • Supplies & Materials (Attach Receipts)
  • Summary of ContactPDF Link (16.43 KB)
  • Compliance Training Documentation
  • Training Roster Training Roster (124 KB) (updated 3/27/13)
  • Travel Expense Form PDF Link (22.70 KB)
  • M/WBE Quarterly Compliance Report mwbe quarterly compliance report (478 KB)
    IMPORTANT: The M/WBE Quarterly Compliance Reports should be submitted electronically to Joan Ramsey at, with a copy to be included in the quarterly documentation packet sent to the Medicaid Unit. Questions regarding the completion of this report should be sent directly to Joan Ramsey at the email above or by calling 518/486-6883.

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Last Updated: March 28, 2013