Speech Therapy

Speech therapy (a.k.a. speech-language pathology) is defined as the evaluation and application of principles, methods and procedures of measurement, prediction, non-medical diagnosis, testing, counseling, consultation, rehabilitation and instruction, related to the development of disorders of speech, voice, and/or language for the purpose of preventing, ameliorating or modifying such disorder conditions in children and/or groups of children. Speech services shall be limited to speech-language pathology services. Speech services involving non-diagnostic, non-therapeutic, routine, repetitive and reinforced procedures or services for the student’s general good and welfare (practicing word drills) shall not constitute speech-language pathology services within the School or Preschool Supportive Health Services Program.


June 1994 Memo pdf icon (21.92 KB)
Clarification of the Guidelines for the Billing of Medicaid for Speech Services

"Under the Direction Of" definition PDF (11.92 KB)

May 1997 Memo | May 1997 Memo pdf PDF (30.56 KB)
Clarification of Medicaid Documentation for Speech and Other Health Support Services

May 1997 Memo Addendum PDF (19.03 KB)
Addendum to May 1997 Memo

May 2003 Memo PDF (25.75 KB)
Methods of Documenting UDO

June 2003 Memo PDF (23.98 KB)
Clarification of Speech Services

Speech Related Medicaid Alerts:

Medicaid Alert #08-5 PDF (31.88 KB)
Speech Therapy & Special Transportation Claims

Medicaid Alert #08-4 PDF (32.57 KB)
Speech Therapy - "Under the Direct Supervision of" Clarification

Medicaid Alert #08-2 PDF (33.56 KB)
Pended Speech Therapy & Special Transportation Claims/Provider Certifications

Medicaid Alert #08-1 PDF (53.88 KB)
Billing Requirements for Speech Therapy & Special Transportation



NYS Office of Professions Speech Practice Guidelines


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