Excess Teacher Turnover Prevention Grants

Items to Remember When Completing Forms

Award Recipients Listing:

  • If the 90% payment has not been received in time to meet the deadline set for submission of this form, wait until the 90% payment is received, then distribute the awards and submit this form.
  • This form is used to report amounts disbursed to each teacher. 
  • The amounts reported are expected to be the amounts awarded.  We understand that some providers may have expended amounts greater than that awarded; however, at this time, we are seeking information on the grant amounts received from just the current year’s Excess Teacher Turnover Grants and how these amounts were allocated. 
  • When the announcement email is sent, an Award Recipients Listing Excel spreadsheet is attached.  Providers may use the current year’s Excel spreadsheet when submitting grant documentation.  There are two worksheets (tabs): one each for "0426" and "0427".
  • Use a separate form to report teachers receiving the "0426" grant and another to report those receiving the "0427" grant.  Again, refer to the email’s subject line to determine if your school qualified for "0426" only, "0427" only, or both "0426" and "0427" grants.
  • Use additional pages if necessary.
  • School-age teachers may appear on both "0426" and "0427" forms but preschool teachers should only appear on “0427” paperwork.
  • Provide:
    • Teacher's name
    • Acceptable Position Title Codes from page one of the award letter.

    218 – Teacher – Special Education          
    220 – Teacher – Physical Education        
    222 – Teacher – Other                              
    263 – Teacher – Deaf/Blind                     
    269 – Teacher – Art   
    270 – Teacher – Music 
    271 – Teacher – Technology 
    272 – Teacher – Foreign Language
    273 – Teacher – Resource Room
    274 – Teacher – Reading


    • Total the columns.
    • The total of these columns are reconciled to the Usage of Grant Funds form and the Final Expenditure Summary’s "Supplemental Compensation Disbursed to Teachers from the Grant" line.
Last Updated: December 12, 2011