Excess Teacher Turnover Prevention Grants

Items to Remember When Completing Forms

Usage of Grant Funds:

  • If the 90% payment has not been received in time to meet the deadline set for submission of this form, wait until the 90% payment is received, then distribute the awards and submit this form.
  • This form is landscaped. 
  • Report only the current year grant usage. 
  • A separate form must be completed for each grant award received: "0426" and/or "0427".  Refer to the subject line of the email your agency received announcing the grant to determine if your agency qualified for "0426" only, "0427" only, or both "0426" and "0427" grants.
  • Chief Administrator’s signature:
    • Original signature required.
    • Blue ink is preferred. 
    • Do not use markers.
    • CFO should not certify as there should be a segregation of duties.
  • Print Chief Administrator's:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Date
  • Verify that Program Codes used are for approved programs operated by the school. 
  • Program numbers begin with a 9 and are four digits. 
  • See Usage of Grant Funds form for eligible and ineligible program numbers.
  • Report whole dollar amounts.
  • The amounts reported on the grid are expected to be the amounts awarded.  We understand that some providers may have expended amounts greater than that awarded; however, at this time, we are seeking information on the grant amounts from just the current year’s Excess Teacher Turnover Grants and how these amounts were allocated. 
  • Verify that the grid cross-foots.  There is a:
    • Totals Column on the far right and
    • Totals Row at the bottom of the grid.
  • The Total reported should equal the amount disbursed per the Final Expenditure Summary's "Supplemental Compensation Disbursed to Teachers from the Grant" line.
  • Provide an explanation if using the Other category.
    • Please note: Gift Cards and Cash are not acceptable.
  • If using the "Increase in Base Year Salary Scale Paid Over Multiple Pay Periods in the current school year" option, please provide the start and end dates of the multiple periods in the Explanation section.
  • Amounts reported on the Usage form(s) must reconcile to amounts reported on the corresponding year’s CFR-1, Account 22100 (Line 87). 
  • Provide a copy of the Usage form(s) to your CPA.
  • If a CPA is required to confrim grants from SED for timely completion of the A-133 audit, please contact the Grants Finance Department at:

           E-Mail:  grantsweb@mail.nysed.gov           Mailing Address:

           Phone:  (518) 474-4815                              Grants Finance

           Fax:  (518) 486-4899                                   NYSED

                                                                                Room 510W EB

                                                                                89 Washington Avenue

                                                                                Albany, New York 12234

Last Updated: April 15, 2013