2018-19 Reapplications Memo

To: Directors of Special Education
From: Maureen C. McCarthy
Date: April 2018
Subject: 2018-19 STAC Reapplications for School Age Students with Disabilities pdf file

School districts may re-apply to the STAC Unit (complete a STAC reapplication record) to claim aid reimbursement for special education services provided to school age students with disabilities.

Each April, the STAC Unit generates these reapplication records based on current year reimbursement approval records. For the 2018-19 school year, if a student did not have a 2017-18 approval record in the STAC system as of April 1, 2018, a reapplication record for the 2018-19 school year was not generated. In these cases, school districts will need to add an approval record. Online instructions for adding individual service approvals records can be found at www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/stac_online_system/online_instructions/ for those students anticipating services during the 2018-19 school year, who do not have an approval record on the STAC system as of April 1, 2018.

2018-19 reapplication records are now available via the STAC online system. STAC online users can save considerable time and effort by accessing the reapplication records through the STAC website at http://www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/. Instructions for using the STAC online system are posted at http://www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/stac_online_system/online_instructions/home.html.

To facilitate the online submission of the reapplication records, summary reports listing providers and the count of students by provider for each placement type are enclosed with this letter. Reapplication records are available for students who had 2017-18 school year approval records on the STAC system as of April 1, 2018 for the following six school age placement types:

Placements For Which Reapplication Records Have Not Been Generated

Reapplication records have not been generated for school age students placed in approved out-of-state schools.

Reapplication records have not been generated for school age students who have aged out of a program, school age students approved as "one year only", or school age students whose 2017-18 placement ended before June 1, 2018.

Reapplication records do not include 1:1 teacher aides. School districts must process full-time and half-time 1:1 teacher aide reimbursement requests via the STAC DSPRV, DSUMR, DSCSM and DSCHP online screens. Submission of a paper 1:1 Aide Request Form is required for part-time or shared teacher aides (other than half-time aides) for 2 and 10 month private placements in the 2018-19 school year. A paper 1:1 Aide Request Form is also required for all 1:1 nurses, interpreters and maintenance aides (aides assigned to students in a residential unit). A 1:1 Aide Request Form is not required for 10-month Public Excess Cost placements (1:1 aide costs are to be included in the 10-month annualized cost calculation). The 1:1 Aide Request Form can be accessed at http://www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/schoolage/1to1_aides/1-1_aide_form.pdf.

NOTE: Private placement certification records (STAC online screen DCERT) are required annually for all 10-month STAC private approval records before a school district can receive private excess cost aid reimbursement. Please reference the revised DCERT guidance document at http://www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/guide_DCERT.pdf

Instructions for signing up for the STACSCHAGE (School Age) and STACPRE (Preschool) ListServs can be found on our website at http://www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/listserv/.


Last Updated: April 16, 2018