4410 Evaluation AVL File Specifications


These are the file specifications for the 4410 Evaluation AVL MASTER FILE LAYOUT. This is the file that is sent to counties participating in the 4410 evaluation electronic AVL process. It is also the file that the counties return to SED to make their AVL claim. When SED sends this file to the counties, the file will contain one record for every evaluation line printed on the paper AVL. When the file is returned to SED, the file should contain every record that was sent to the county. By processing this file with county records, the county can fill in the fields that SED needs to process your claims. These fields begin with C-RET-. After these fields are filled in, this file can be returned to SED. All fields not updated by the county should be returned to SED with the same values that were sent to the county. (Note: If you fill in C-RET-VERIFICATION with "N" (meaning you’re not claiming the record), then no other C-RET- fields need be filled in.

1.    C-COUNTY. Two character code value for your county.

2.    C-REF-NUM. This is the AVL’s reference number. The first two characters will = the
 &July 24, 2018he AVL, and the last two characters will = the number of the AVL. For example,
       the third AVL from the 1999-00 school year would have a reference number of "9903".

3.    C-SERVICE-ID. The first six characters of this 10 character field are the STAC-ID, a
       numeric, unique ID assigned to each child in the STAC system. Each child should have only 1
       STAC-ID throughout his/her entire STAC history. The next 2 characters (columns
       7-8) represent the first year of the school year. For example, for the 1999-00 school year
       these 2 characters would = "99". The next two characters (columns 9-10) represent the
       Evaluation-Number. This 2 digit numeric field along with the STAC-ID and School-Year uniquely
       identify an evaluation.

4.    C-LAST. Last-Name consist of alpha characters only. No numbers, special characters or
       imbedded spaces are allowed.

5.    C- FIRST. First-Name consist of alpha characters only. No numbers, special characters or
       imbedded spaces are allowed.

6.    C-PROVIDER. This is SED’s 12 character Provider-Code. This code can be found on SED’s
        Program-File (aka Agency-File) which can downloaded from STAC’s web site at

7.    C-PRO-COST. Prorated-Cost. This field holds the accumalated total for all Evaluation components for this unique
         STAC-ID/EValuation Number

8.    C-YTD-PAID. Year-to-Date paid for the service at 100% (Actual reimbursement to counties
         is 59.5%)

9.    C-AMT-AVAIL. Amount available for the county to claim on this AVL.

10.    C-ISSUE-DATE. This is the date that the AVL was generated in CCYYMMDD format.

11.    C-DATE-RETURN. This is the date (in CCYYMMDD format) by which the AVL must be
         returned to SED in order to be reimbursed for the payment cycle.

**************** FIELDS THAT THE COUNTY MAY UPDATE *******************

12.    C-RET-PAID-THRU. This is the eight character Paid-Through date in CCYYMMDD
         format. When SED sends you this file, this date will = the date through which you can claim.
         For the first AVL, this will = CCYY0228 (or CCYY0229). The second AVL will =
         CCYY0430 and the third AVL onward will = CCYY0630.

       When you return the file to SED, fill in the date through which you are claiming. This date may
        not exceed the date that SED sends you. If it does, SED will cut the date you send back to the
        date that SED originally sent you.

13.   C-RET-AMT-PAID. This is the amount that the county paid for the child’s service from the
        beginning of the school year through RET-THRU-DATE (minus year-to-date-paid). This
        amount may not exceed C-AMT-AVAIL (field # 9). If it does exceed this amount, then SED
        will cut the amount back to = C-AMT-AVAIL. If C-AMT-AVAIL is negative, due to a recoup
        or withdraw, then SED will move C-AMT-AVAIL into this field. So, when you see that the record
        is a Recoup or Withdraw(C-RCP-WTHD-STATUS(field#16) = "R" or "W"), then ignore
        the record and return to SED as is.

14.   C-RET-DATE-PAID OCCURS 10 TIMES. Send us every Date-Paid for this service for the
        time-period being claimed. The date is in the CCYYMMDD format.

15.   C-RET-VERIFICATION - enter "Y" if you are claiming payment for this service. If   
        C-RCP-WTHD-STATUS (field 16) = "R" or "W' for Recoup or Withdraw, then this field should
        = a space. Otherwise, enter an "N".


16    C-RCP-WTHD-STATUS. If the record has been withdrawn, this field will = a "W". If this
        transaction is a recoup (C-AMT-AVAIL is negative), then this field will = "R". Otherwise this
        field will be blank.

17.   C-PAGE. This will = the page number from the paper AVL.

18.   C-OCCURRENCE. This will = the occurrence that this service is printed on the page of the
        paper AVL. Value will = 01 through 10.

19.   C-OUTSIDE-ID. If an outside agency’s ID is stored on the STAC system, then that value will
        be in this field. 

20.   C-DATE-OF-BIRTH. Child’s Date of Birth in CCYYMMDD format.

21.   END-OF-REC-MARKER. Always = 0 (zero).

Last Updated: July 24, 2018