Electronic School-Age AVLs

This process allows School Districts to send in their AVLS electronically.

  1. For an overview of the FTP process, go to:
    Electronic Data Transfer Overview
  2. Once you have been set up for electronic file transmission via STAC's FTP site, you will receive an AVL file in your "outbasket" for each AVL you have requested the morning after the AVL runs. You will be contacted by e-mail once your AVL file is safely in the "outbasket".
  3. Click on the link below to get a description of the file layout for School-Age electronic AVLs:
    School-Age AVL File Layout
  4. Once you have downloaded and processed the file (ie making your claims and modifying dates etc), place the return AVL file into your school district's "inbasket", and contact Ed Truax via e-mail at Edwin.Truax@nysed.gov to inform him that your returned AVL file is ready for processing. In the e-mail include the total dollar (and/or FTE as appropriate) amount of your claim.
  5. Below are the specs for processing Private (4402, 4405, 4407) AVLs:
    Specs for Private AVLs
  6. Below are the specs for processing Summer (4408) AVLs):
    Specs for 4408 AVLs
  7. You will be notified by STAC once your AVL file has been processed.
Last Updated: August 2, 2017