Specs for Private AVLs

Private (4402, 4405, 4407)

This is the file that is sent to districts participating in the Private electronic AVL process. It is also the file that the districts return to SED to make their AVL claim. When SED sends this file to the districts, the file will contain one record for every service line printed on the paper AVL. When the file is returned to SED, the file should contain every record that was sent to the district. By processing this file with district’s own database of records, the district can fill in the fields that SED needs to process your claims. These fields begin with AVL-RET-. After these fields are filled in, this file can be returned to SED. All fields not updated by the district should be returned to SED with the same values that were sent to the district. (Note: If you fill in AVL-RET-VERIFICATION with "N" (meaning you’re not claiming the record), then no other AVL-RET- fields need be filled in.

1. AVL-CSE. 12 character code value for your district.

2. AVL-REF-NUM. This is the AVL’s reference number. The first six characters will = the school year of the AVL, and the last two characters will = the number of the AVL. For example, the third AVL form the 1997-98 school year would have a reference number of "19979803".

3. AVL-SERVICE-ID. The first six characters of this 10 character field are the STAC_ID, a numeric, unique ID assigned to each child in the STAC system. Each child should have only 1 STAC-ID throughout his/her entire STAC history. The next two characters (columns 7-8) represent the Record-Number. This 2 digit numeric field along with the STAC-ID and School-Year uniquely identify a service. The last two characters (columns 9-10) represent the Amendment-Number. A service may have several amendments, each one representing a change in the service record. We only deal with the most current amendment.

4. AVL-LAST. Last-Name consist of alpha characters only. No numbers, special characters or imbedded spaces are allowed.

5. AVL- FIRST. First-Name consist of alpha characters only. No numbers, special characters or imbedded spaces are allowed.

6. AVL-MI. Middle Initial consist of alpha characters only. No numbers, special characters or imbedded spaces are allowed.

7. AVL-PROVIDER. This is SED’s 12 character Provider-Code. This code can be found on SED’s Program-File (aka Agency-File) which can downloaded from STAC’s web site at http://stacnt5.nysed.gov/stacunit/viewdata.htm.

8. AVL-PROGRAM-CODE. The program code will consist of 2 characters for the 1995-96 and prior school years, and 4 characters for the 1996-97 and after school years.

9. AVL-STAC-CODE. This one character code is used for the 1996-97 school years and after. Along with AVL-PROVIDER and AVL-PROGRAM-CODE, it will uniquely identify programs on SED’s Program-File.

10. AVL-CD-RDCNTY - County of Residence.

11. AVL-ICF-IRA - Leave as spaces. A 12 digit ICF/IRA code. For Chapters use only.

12. AVL-AUTHORIZATION - Leave as spaces. For Chapters use only

13. AVL-ISPEC. A five character code representing the type Service. For Private AVLS, this field will = "HSPRV".

14. AVL-TYP-FUND - A five character field indicating the fund source of the service. This field will = (4402 ) for private (in-state), (4407 ) for private out-of-state and (4201 )for commissioner's appointment (State Supported).

15. AVL-SERV-TYPE. Four character code representing the type of service. EDUC = Education, MAIN = Maintenance..

16. AVL-FROM-DATE. Begin Service date in CCYYMMDD format.

17. AVL-TO-DATE End Service date in CCYYMMDD format

18. AVL-FTE. Full time Equivalence. Cannot exceed 1, goes to 3 decimal places. Calculated by dividing the Number-Of-Weeks of Service attended by the total weeks of the program. Contact the STAC unit or check out STAC’s WEB site for details as to how the number of weeks are calculated.

19. AVL-APP-RATE - This is the rate for the full length of the program.

20. AVL-PRO-COST. Prorated-Cost. FTE * Rate.

21. AVL-YTD-PAID. Year-to-Date paid for the service at 100%. Not used for Private. Leave at zero.

22. AVL-YTD-FTE. FTE claimed to date. Not used for Private. Leave at zero.

23. AVL-YTD-SESS. Related-Service sessions claimed to date. Not used for Private. Leave at zero.

24. AVL-AMT-AVAIL. Amount available for the district to claim on this AVL. Not used for Private. Leave at zero.

25. AVL-ISSUE-DATE. This is the date that the AVL was generated in CCYYMMDD format.

26. AVL-DATE-RETURN. This is the date (in CCYYMMDD format) by which the AVL must be returned to SED in order to be reimbursed for the payment cycle.

**************** FIELDS THAT THE DISTRICT MAY UPDATE ******************

27. AVL-RET-VERIFICATION - enter "Y" if you are claiming payment for this service. Enter an "N" if you want the record withdrawn. Leave the field blank if you are not claiming it on this AVL but wish to claim the service on a future AVL. For Withdraws/Recoups (AVL-RCP-WTHD-STATUS.= "R" or "W"), leave the field as is.

28. AVL-RET-FROM-DATE - Enter either AVL-FROM-DATE (field # 16 above) or modified From-Date. The date must be equal to or greater than the program From-Date. The date must be equal to or greater than the  AVL-FROM-DATE (field # 16 above). [Note: The Letter of Assurance sets the earliest allowed Start-Date. A new STAC1 needs to be filed to move this date back]. The date must be equal to or less than the AVL-RET-TO-DATE (field # 29 below). If this field is left blank, then the AVL-FROM-DATE will be used.

29. AVL-RET-TO-DATE - Enter either AVL-TO-DATE (field # 17 above) or modified To-Date. The date must be equal to or < than the program To-Date. The date may be equal to, less than or greater than the  AVL-TO-DATE (field # 17 above). The date must be equal to or greater than the AVL-RET-FROM-DATE (field # 28 above). If this field is left blank, then the AVL-TO-DATE will be used.

30. AVL-RET-SESSIONS - Not used for Private AVLs. Leave as spaces. 

31. AVL-RET-RATE - Not used for Private AVLs. Leave as zeros.

32. AVL-RET-AMT-PAID Not used for Private AVLs. Leave as zeros

33. AVL-RET-ICF-IRA-FLAG- Not used for Private AVLs. Leave as spaces.

34. AVL-RET-USERID. Required for all records returned. This eight character field must be a valid userid established with the STAC unit as the user responsible for this record. UserID is comprised of the first initial of the first name followed by the next seven characters of the last name. The corresponding AVL-CSE on this record must match the CSE-Code that the STAC unit has recorded for this UserID.


35. AVL-RCP-WTHD-STATUS. If the record has been withdrawn, this field will = a "W". If this transaction is a recoup (AVL-AMT-AVAIL is negative), then this field will = "R". Otherwise this field will be blank. For withdraws or Recoups, do not change any data on the record.

36. AVL-PAGE. This will = the page number from the paper AVL.

37. AVL-OCCURRENCE. This will = the occurrence that this service is printed on the page of the paper AVL.

38. AVL-OUTSIDE-ID. If an outside agency’s ID is stored on the STAC system, then that value will be in this field.

39. AVL-HALF-TIME-FLAG - Will = "Y" if this is a half-time record, will = "N" if this is a full-time record.

40. AVL-DATE-OF-BIRTH. Child’s Date of Birth in CCYYMMDD format.

41. END-OF-REC-MARKER. Always = 0 (zero).

Last Updated: June 2, 2009