Error Messages

Return of Approved DCERT Records and

Error Code Translation for Disapproved Records from

FTP Submission of DCERT Private Certifications to STAC System


Files submitted electronically to SED for the purpose of entering "DCERT" private certificatons onto the STAC system will go through a series of edits before being approved. Those records that are approved will be returned to you with "00" in the SRV-TR-REC-STATUS field.

Those records that are rejected will have an error code from "01" through "32" in the SRV-TR-REC-STATUS field. Below is a table explaining what these error codes mean.

Error Code Description
01Child not on DKIDS
02Last Name entered is different from HKIDS
03STAC ID is withdrawn, record cannot be added
04Child too young/old for services
05STAC ID is CLOSED, record cannot be added
06School Year is inactivated
08Must enter D or R to indicate Day or Residential
09You must choose a Location I/O
10Duplicates Certs are not allowed
11ACSE-IEP must be Y
11BIEP must be Y
11CAppropriate public facilities must be Y
11DDoc of efforts for public facilities must be Y
11E Doc of efforts for less restrict settings must be Y
11Fdetail evidence of lack of progress must be Y
11GDoc of continuing need for placement must be Y
11HInitial Year Nickerson must be Y/N
11ICSE-IEP must be N for Nickerson
11JIEP must be N for Nickerson
11KAppropriate pub facilities must be N for Nickerson
11LDoc efforts pub facilities must be N for Nickerson
11MDoc effrts restrict setings must be N for Nickerson
11NDetail evdnce lack progress must be N for Nickerson
11ODoc cont need for placement must be N for Nickerson
12ADistrict sought parental consent must be Y/N (inactive)
12BParental or student consent obtained must be Y/N (inactive)
12CCnty/State rep attnded meeting must be Y/N (inactive)
13ADoc on recrd res srvces are neccessary must be Y/N
13BDoc on record proposed plan/timetable must be Y/N
14Invited cnty/State agency rep must be Y/N (inactive)
15Out-of-State documentation for placement must be Y
16Out-of-State documentation for placement must be N
17AAll Additional Cert information should be N
17BInvited rep attended CSE meeting should be blank.
18Nickerson DCERTS must be Day Instate
19Nickerson DCERTS must be in NYC
20Student only allowed 1 Nickerson per life
22Invalid Change of CSE Responsibility Date Entered
23Chg of Responsibility must be before todays date
24Transfer date must be 7/1 thru 6/30 of school year
25USER-ID not found
27Child's DOB does not match system data
28Invalid DOB was entered
29REC-STATUS must be spaces
30ASTAC-ID must be entered
30BAt least 4 letters of last name must be entered
30CAt least 3 letters of First name must be entered
31ADistrict code must be entered
31BAgency's SEDREF record not on file
31CSEDREF indicates agency is a closed facility
31DHC indicator not set on SEDREF
31ESEDREF indicates agency code is inactive
32OSIS-ID does not match child's ID
33Invalid CSE Meeting Date Entered
34CSE Meeting Date must be before today's date
Last Updated: June 2, 2016