Guidelines for submitting DCERT certifications via FTP

NYS Department of Education


The file Service-Trans, described in the attached file layout, must be used for all data transfer with SED concerning adding DCERTS. No DCERT will require the use of all the data fields. Below you will find a list of the data fields necessary for SED to process DCERTs.

  1. SRV-TR-STAC-ID – Required. This is the six digit unique identification number for all children on the STAC system.
  2. SRV-TR-YEAR - Required. One four digit year followed by one two digit year. For example, the 1996-97 school year would be represented by 199697.
  3. SRV-TR-LNAME - Required. Child's last name. Last names with imbedded spaces or special characters will be rejected. For example, send O’RILEY as ORILEY. Send VAN SCHAIK as VANSCHAIK. Send JONES-SMITH as JONESSMITH. Do not include any suffixes such as JR.
  4. SRV-TR-FNAME - Required. Child's first name. First names with imbedded spaces or special characters will be rejected. For example, send BILLY BOB as BILLYBOB.
  5. SRV-TR-MI - Optional. Child's middle initial. If entered, must be an alpha character.
  6. SRV-TR-DOB - Required. Child's date of birth in Century (IE 19 until year 2000 when it will be 20), year, month, day order.
  7. SRV-TR-SEX - Required. "M" or "F".
  8. SRV-TR-RAC-ETH - Required. Racial-Ethnic indicator.
    I American Native.
    B Black
    A Asian
    H Hispanic
    C Caucasian
    U Unknown.
  9. SRV-TR-OUTSIDE-ID - Optional. Child's unique ID number on your system. Must be left-justified and between 5 and 9 characters in length. We may have the child's ID from your system on the STAC file. If so, we can use it to match the child's transaction record to the child's record on the STAC file.
  10. SRV-TR-DAY-RES - Placement type (D or R)
  11. SRV-TR-IN-OUT - Placement location (I or O)
  12. SRV-TR-ED-PROV - Required. This is the code for the agency providing education services. This code along with the program code and STAC code define the program. This code can be obtained from the Agency Provider Information link below.
  13. SRV-CSE-DATE - Required. CSE meeting date in CC, YY, MM, DD order.
  14. FILLER - 12 characters of blank spaces
  15. SRV-TR-CSE-IEP - The CSE has provided a current individual evaluation or reevaluation of the student.
  16. SRV-TR-IEP - The student has a current individualized education program (IEP).
  17. SRV-TR-NO-PUB - The student is of school-age and has a disability or combination of disabilities such that appropriate public facilities for instruction are not available
  18. SRV-TR-DOC-PUB - The CSE has documentation of its efforts to place the student in a public facility and the outcomes of those efforts, and/or of CSE findings regarding the lack of suitability of each currently available and geographically accessible public placement.
  19. SRV-TR-DOC-RES - The CSE has documentation of all efforts to enable the student to benefit from instruction in less restrictive settings using support services and supplementary aids and special education services, and/or for those services not used, a statement of reasons why such services were not recommended
  20. SRV-TR-DET-LES - The CSE has detailed evidence of the student's lack of progress in previous less restrictive programs and placements or a statement of reasons that such evidence is not available.
  21. SRV-TR-REAP-CS - In the case of a reapplication for reimbursement, the CSE has documentation of the continuing need for placement of the student in a private school
  22. SRV-TR-NKERSON - For NYC only: Initial Year Nickerson Day Placements - The CSE is not able to make one or more of the above assurances because the student has an IEP recommendation for a public day program and the student was placed in a private school by the parent pursuant to a Nickerson Letter for the first time this school year
  23. FILLER1 - 6 characters of blank spaces
  24. SRV-TR-RES-NEED - Documentation is on record that residential services are necessary to meet the student's educational needs as identified in the student's IEP
  25. SRV-TR-RES-TIM - Documentation is on record that includes a proposed plan and timetable for enabling the student to return to a less restrictive environment or a statement of reasons why such a plan is not currently appropriate
  26. SRV-TR-OUT-PLAC - For out-of-state placement recommendations, documentation is on record that demonstrates that there are no appropriate public or private facilities for instruction available within this State
  27. FILLER2 - 6 characters of blank spaces
  28. SRV-TR-COUNTY-CONSENT - Documentation is on record that, upon determination that the student was first at risk of residential placement, the district sought parental consent (or consent of the student if age 18 or older) to invite county or State agency
  29. SRV-TR-OTHER-CONSENT - Parental (or student) consent was obtained and other agency representative(s) were invited to the CSE meeting
  30. SRV-TR-COUNTY-ATTEND - Invited county or State agency representative attended the CSE meeting
  31. FILLER3 - 6 characters of blank spaces
  32. SRV-TR-USERID - Required. This eight character field must be a valid userid established with the STAC unit as the user responsible for this record. UserID is comprised of the first initial of the first name followed by the next seven characters of the last name.
  33. SRV-CERT-DATE - Begin date of service in CC, YY, MM, DD order.
  34. SRV-TR-REC-STATUS - Status of the Record returns a 00 if the DCERT was added.
Last Updated: June 2, 2016