Electronic Submittal of STAC-1s and STAC-3s

This process allows counties and school districts to send batch STAC-1/STAC-3 files to the STAC Unit via the SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) secure FTP server and have the files processed in batches overnight. This method greatly increases the speed of processing as well as the accuracy of the submission. This is how the process works:

  1. For an overview of the FTP process, go to:
    Electronic Data Transfer Overview
  2. Click below for a description of the STAC-1/3 file Layout
    File Description for all Electronic STAC Submittals (.txt file)
  3. Click below for a list of the Specs needed for submitting the various Services.
    Specs for Submittal of Electronic STACs
  4. Files must be uploaded prior to 9:00 PM each day in order to be processed. Processed files will be available for download the following day through the users’ outbasket. The file will be have the same naming convention as that of the file uploaded to the inbasket. Each record will be returned with either "00" in the SRV-TR-REC-STATUS field (column 81-82) indicating a "successful add" or something other than “00” indicating an error code. Click below for a list that explains the error messages associated with each error code.
    Error Messages
  5. In addition to the SRV-TR-REC-STATUS value, several other field values may be different on the file returned to you than what you sent. Click below for a list of these possible changes.
    Explanation of field values returned
  6. Click below for valid STAC and Program Codes
    Valid STAC and Program Codes
Last Updated: April 26, 2019