1 to 1 Aide/Nurse/Interpreter Form for Preschool Students with Disabilities

TO:                  Chairpersons of Committees on Preschool Special Education 
                        Municipality Representatives under Section 4410 of Education Law
                        Directors of SED-Approved Preschool Providers

FROM:             Maureen McCarthy, Senior Education Finance Specialist
                       STAC & Special Aids Unit

SUBJECT:        1:1 Aide/Nurse/Interpreter Form for Preschool Students With Disabilities

DATE:                        April 22, 2005

            This memorandum is to remind you of the REVISED procedures for requesting reimbursement for 1:1 aides/nurses/interpreters for preschool students with disabilities placed in SED-approved special education programs.

            Effective with July 2004 services, it is no longer necessary for school districts to complete a 1:1 aide form for preschool students who are assigned a full-time 1:1 Aide.  School districts will simply record the 1:1 aide service on “Line 10-Name of Program” of the preschool STAC 1 form (e.g. half day integrated class with a 1:1 Aide). 

However, for services prior to July 2004, all STAC 1’s for center base services which included a 1:1 aide/nurse/interpreter must be accompanied by a completed 1:1 aide form.  The County will then forward these forms to the STAC and Special Aids Unit for processing. 

            STAC has worked closely with the Counties to provide them with the electronic capability of processing full time 1:1 aides, effective with July 2004 services forward. 

The attached form is still required for completion by School Districts and submitted to Counties (along with the Preschool STAC 1) for all part-time 1:1 Aides, shared 1:1 Aides, 1:1 Interpreters (full and part-time) and 1:1 Nurses (full and part-time) regardless of the dates of service. In these instances, the Counties must process the center-base service electronically and forward the completed “1:1 form” to the STAC Unit for aide processing. As in the past, this form is not necessary for “Aide as a Related Service.”   Please contact me at 518.474.7116 if you have any questions regarding the processing of 1:1 aides/nurses/interpreters.

Last Updated: May 28, 2009