Instructions for Completing STAC 1’s

Note: These are now a single page (two sided) document
(One of Five Slides)

STAC CHILD ID. If known, enter the (6) digit unique child code assigned by the STAC and Special Aids Unit. Each child is assigned a STAC ID that stays with that child and will identify the child throughout his/her STAC history.

  1. Name of Child. Please be accurate and consistent: Elizabeth Smith and Beth Smith would most likely be assigned different ID numbers.
    NOTE:  Change in Name-- If a child has been adopted, a copy of the adoption order should be submitted to the STAC Unit so the child’s name can be changed on the system.
  1. Date of Birth
    Eligibility Requirements. A change in date of birth requires a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

    A child becomes eligible under Section 4410 of the Education Law in the calendar year in which the child becomes three (3) years old. Children born January 1 through June 30 are eligible on January 2. Children born July 1 through December 31 are first eligible July 1.

  2. Sex of Child. The sex of the child should be indicated by checking the appropriate line (male or female).

  3. Social Security Number. Indicate the child's SSN if known.