Instructions for Completing STAC 1’s

(Two of Five Slides)

5. SIS child ID. Indicate Student Information System Child ID if known.

6. Racial/Ethnic Category. Indicate the racial/ethnic category by checking the appropriate box .

 7. Placement Type - Section 4410

 Indicate the type of program or services approved by the Board of Education for the child.

DSPRE Placements

Check either "Special Class" or "Special Class Integrated Class" if the child is in an SED approved special class or in an integrated setting.

DSSEI Placements

Check "Related Services Only" if the child is receiving related services only. Check "Special Education Itinerant Teacher" if the child is receiving SEIT services only. Check "Special Education Itinerant Teacher plus Related Service" if the child is receiving both services.

8a. Public School District that has CPSE Responsibility. Indicate the public school district of the child’s current location (where the child resides).

8b. County of Child’s Current Location (where the child resides). Indicate the county of the child’s current location. This is the county that will be reimbursed by SED.

 8c. County of Time of Child’s Placement in Foster Care or in Temporary Housing. Indicate the county where the child lived at the time the child was placed in foster care or temporary housing or at the time the child became a resident in a facility licensed or operated by another state agency. This county will be assessed a chargeback by SED. This should be left blank if not applicable.