Instructions for Completing STAC 1’s

(Five of Five Slides)


Reimbursement for coordination is allowed when a child is receiving two or more related services (and no SEIT services) for a given time period. The coordinator must be one of the therapists serving the child. "Coordination" should be listed on one of the “Related Service 1, 2, etc" lines. Please indicate the number of ½ hour sessions under "Number of Half Hour Sessions" and list the rate for coordination under "Rate Per Half Hour Session." Note that coordination is reimbursable for no more than ten (10) half-hour sessions during the school year (September-June) and two (2) half hour sessions during the summer.

Reimbursement for coordination is not allowed with SEIT services. In this instance, the SEIT provider serves as the coordinator.

13. Transportation.

"Dates of Transportation" are generally required by the county for use in arranging a preschooler's transportation.

Transportation cost information is completed by the county. Transportation for the child is to be provided as determined by the Board of Education to and from the special services or program.

14. Authorization of Placement.

Signature of the authorized representative of the Board of Education must be completed.

15. Municipality or City of New York Signature Section ( Back of Form).

This section must be completed by a representative of the county of the child’s current location (line 8b) before it is submitted to the STAC and Special Aids Unit.

16. Person Completing This Form (Back of SED Copy Only)

A name and telephone number of school district personnel will allow STAC Unit staff/County to resolve any problems or questions about the STAC-1 in the most timely manner.