Instructions for Completing STAC 5’s


STAC CHILD ID The unique 6-digit STAC ID number assigned for each child processed by STAC. This identifier remains the same throughout the child’s educational career. Please enter if known.

1. Name of Child. Be accurate and consistent. Use of nicknames can lead to duplicate ID numbers. If a child has been adopted, a copy of the adoption order should be attached to the STAC form before the child’s name can be changed on the system.

2. Date of Birth. Indicate the child’s birth date. A correction in date of birth requires a copy of the child’s birth certificate.

3. Gender. Indicate the gender of the child by checking the appropriate box.

4. Social Security Number. Although not a required field, please enter if known.

5. SIS Child I.D. Student Information System Child I.D. Include if appropriate.

6. Racial/Ethnic Category. Indicate the racial/ethnic category by checking the appropriate category.

7. Disability. Indicate if the child is, or is not, a preschool student with a disability as defined in the Regulations of the Commissioner. PD for “Preschool Student With a Disability; ND for a “Non-Disabled” preschool student. If, for any reason, a student is withdrawn from the CPSE process before the CPSE makes a determination regarding the existence of an educational disability, the district should check the “Non-Disabled” box.