EFH277 Student Listings for 1718 Approvals Memo

TO: Official State Aid Designee December 2018
FROM: Edwin Truax, Associate in School Business Management
SUBJECT: 2017-18 Private and High Cost Public STAC Approvals used to calculate
Aidable Excess Cost on the 2018-19 Private Excess Cost Aid Output (PRI) and
2018-19 Public Excess Cost and Excess Cost Aid Set-Aside Output (PUB) Reports (Distributed electronically only via GoAnywhere: no paper copies)
pdf file

The STAC and Medicaid Unit has made prior year student enrollment backup listings (which match against your current aid year PUB and PRI reports) exclusively available on GoAnywhere. These reports list the 2017-18 enrollment year STAC Approvals used to generate the 2018-19 PRI Line 13 Private Excess Cost Aid and 2018-19 PUB Line 8 High Cost Apportionment Aid.

To retrieve these reports, log into GoAnywhere using Google Chrome, select "Secure Folders", and navigate to the "outbasket". The file names reflect the 1819 aid year from the output reports:

  • Private Excess Cost Aid Backup: File name starts with "EFH277_1819_PRV_"
  • Public High Cost Aid Backup: File name starts with "EFH277_1819_PUB_"

To avoid missing any important STAC approval or payment information, it is recommended that the business and CSE offices each have at least one registered GoAnywhere user. Any district staff person not already registered for GoAnywhere who requires access must complete the enclosed Authorization Form. Once registered, all STAC files sent to your district via GoAnywhere since June 2018 – plus all future STAC notifications – will be available for download. All Authorization Forms must be signed by the District Superintendent.

To facilitate your review of the student listings, the Business Office should enter the State Aid Management System (SAMS), select the “snapshot” option, access the “December 5, 2018 STAC Update”, and print out the 2018-19 PRI and PUB Output Reports. Aidable Excess Cost totals on 2018-19 PRI Line 12 and PUB Line 7 from the “12/5/18 snapshot” should match or be very close to the Aidable Excess Cost district totals listed at the end of the 2018-19 Private and High Cost Public EFH277 student listings available on GoAnywhere.

Both EFH277 documents list the students alphabetically within each educational provider. On both reports, the prior enrollment year STAC FTE enrollment and Annualized Cost are used to calculate and display current aid year Aidable Excess Cost at the child, provider, and district levels.

The State Aid formulas used to calculate Aidable Excess Cost differ for public and private placements. Examples of aid calculations for each placement type are on page 2. For questions on the enclosed student listings, contact the STAC and Medicaid Unit at 518-474-7116 and ask for Edwin Truax, Adam Lenhardt, or Kelly Mason. For GoAnywhere questions, ask for Andrew Kitzrow. For questions on how to access the “snapshot” PUB and PRI reports in SAMS, contact the State Aid Unit at 518-474-2977.

Below are sample calculations of Private Excess Cost Aid and Public High Cost Apportionment Aid for 2 students who each cost $48,000 based on an education rate or annualized cost of $80,000 and an FTE enrollment of 0.600. Both students were from a district of average wealth, but one student was placed in a State approved private school and the other student was a public school or BOCES placement.

State Aid formula used to calculate Public High Cost Apportionment Aid:

(Example: Student with an $80,000 10-Month Annualized Cost who was enrolled for a 0.600 FTE)

Prior to February 1, 2019: A follow-up memo with more detailed guidance on the BOCES and Other-District verification processes will be released.

Annualized Cost ($48,000 BOCES Cost / 0.600 FTE Enrollment)
- $40,000
Deduction Amount ** (2018-19 PUB Line 5)
Annualized Excess Cost  
x 0.600
Student FTE  
Aidable High (Excess) Cost (see EFH277 student backup for PUB)
x 0.490
Public Excess Cost Aid Ratio (2018-19 PUB Line 4)
Public High Cost Apportionment Aid

** Deduction Amount = 3 x Approved Operating Expense Per Pupil

State Aid formula used to calculate Private Excess Cost Aid:

(Example: Student in a program with an $80,000 rate who was enrolled for a 0.600 FTE)

10-Mo. Tuition Rate ($48,000 Cost / 0.600 FTE Enrollment)
- $13,000
School District Basic Contribution * (2018-19 PRI Line 5)
Annualized Excess Aidable Cost  
x 0.600
Student FTE  
Aidable Excess Cost (see EFH277 student backup for PRI)
x 0.850
Private Excess Cost Aid Ratio (2018-19 PRI Line 8)
Private Excess Cost Aid

* School District Basic Contribution = Average School Tax Per Resident Pupil


Last Updated: December 14, 2018