Private Excess Cost

Under Section 4405 of NY State Education Law, the CSE responsible district may file a Request for Reimbursement Approval for school-age special education students placed in day or residential programs at SED-approved private schools. Private excess cost aid is generated to the CSE district for the costs of education only. Effective January 1, 2011, for residential placements, the CSE district is billed by the local county for 38.424% of the maintenance costs (up from 20%), which is not reimbursable. Current year aid is based on prior year enrollment and education costs.

Private Excess Cost -- In-State

Documentation for initial private placements is needed to be entered on the DCERT Online Screen. Click on the link below for instructions to the online entry process of private placement pre-approval information.
            Private Placement Certification Guide pdf 67 kb

Aside from the initial private placement documentation, pre-approval also needs to be done when the following placement changes occur:

  • A change in CSE district
  • A change from a day to residential placement
  • A change from a residential to day placement
  • A change from preschool to school age
  • A change from in-state to out-of-state
  • A change from out-of-state to in-state

Private Excess Cost -- Out of State

Out-of-State Placements require the submission of an out-of-state packet each year. You may contact the P12 Office of Special Education Nondistrict Unit at (518) 486-6260 or click on the P12 office link below.

Information about forms and specific placements can also be found through the P12 Office .

P12 Link to Requirements for Approved Private Schools

Increase in Maintenance Costs of School Districts Guide (pdf 19 kb)

Private On-Line Verification Overview (pdf 8 kb)


Last Updated: October 9, 2015