Public Excess Cost Information

Under Section 3602 of NY State Education Law, the CSE responsible district may file a Request for Reimbursement Approval for school-age special education students who attend district or BOCES programs and who have an annualized special education cost that meets or exceeds their district threshold dollar amount. Public excess cost aid is generated to the CSE district for direct special education services. Current year aid is based on prior year enrollment and education costs.

Districts file STAC's on their special education students who exceed their district threshold. This is found on line 5 on the Public Excess Cost Aid Output Report (see How to find a District's Threshold link below). Aid is based for current year on prior year's enrollment.
Example: For the 1718 school year you receive aid on the 1617 enrollment.

The links below instruct school districts in how to process Public Excess Cost forms.


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Last Updated: March 28, 2018