Online Verification of 10-Mo. High Cost Public Placements (DVPUB)


A User Guide for School Districts

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STEP 1:  The new High Cost Student Data Worksheet online screen (DCPUB screen) replaces the paper High Cost Student Data Report submitted for prior school years. Districts will be required to complete the DCPUB screen for several verifications pre-selected by the STAC & Medicaid Unit:

  1. Each district’s top three In-District verifications (in terms of 10-month annualized cost)
  2. In-District verifications which exceed a district’s threshold by $40,000+.
  3. The pre-selected claims can be viewed by filtering on "Unverified DCPUB Required" on the DVPUB screen
Screenshot of the DVPUB screen with the Unverified DCPUB Required selection type circled in red.

STEP 2:  For 2016-17, in addition to the pre-selected claims (based on DSPUB approval costs), districts will be required to complete the DCPUB online screen for:

  1. Any BOCES verifications where the verified cost exceeds the cost listed on the BOCES Year-End report; and
  2. Any In-District verifications where the "DSPUB approval cost" was not $40,000 greater than the district threshold, but the "verified” cost is $40,000+ above the district threshold. For these records, the verification will be rejected.
    1. The records will appear under the "Unverified DCPUB Required*" selection type, and a "DCPUB Required" label will be added to the record on the DVPUB screen.
    2. After the DCPUB screen has been completed, the label on the DVPUB screen will switch to "DCPUB On" and the record can be verified from the "Unverified" selection type.

NOTE: For more information on how to complete the DCPUB screen, the full instruction guide can be found at:

Preparation for DVPUB Verification:

Log onto the EFRT system, and starting with the 2016-17 year, complete the DCPUB screen for all records pre-selected by the STAC and Medicaid Unit using the "Unverified DCPUB Required" filter on the DVPUB screen (see below). Go to the DVPUB screen and Select the appropriate year from the "School Year" dropdown menu. The screen will default to "Unverified” selection.

  1. The CSE District will be pre-filled with your district’s 12-digit BEDS code.
  2. Click the "Get Providers" Button. In-District, Other District and BOCES providers will be displayed.
  3. Districts are required to verify claims separately for each Provider.
  4. Once a provider has been selected, click on Get AVL.
Screenshot of DVPUB screen showing top record with DCPUB Required label after Get AVL button was clicked with Sort by Approved Cost Descending checked

DVPUB Initial Verification

  1. Review individual dates of service and 10-month Annualized cost.
  2. Dates of Services can be amended on the DVPUB screen for all verifications.
  3. Changes to the 10-month Annualized Cost can be made on the DVPUB screen for all verifications EXCEPT those selected verifications which require a DCPUB screen to be completed. If a DCPUB is required, any changes to 10-month Annualized costs first must be completed on the DCPUB screen prior to verification on the DVPUB screen.
  4. Whenever a student was enrolled for the entire year and the student’s FTE is 1.000, do not amend the start or end dates.
  5. Once a student’s dates of service and 10-month annualized costs are correct, please verify the claim.
  6. Hit the "Submit" key after you complete the verification for all students displayed on each DVPUB screen. Otherwise the updates and verifications will not be processed.

NOTE: When verifying 2016-17 BOCES approvals, reference the "2016-17 BOCES Year-End Report Table" to identify the approved BOCES report which districts are required to use:

Reviewing Your Verifications

  1. To view all verified records, select "Verified and Not Reviewed by SED" under Selection Type and then click the "Get AVL" button.
Screenshot of DVPUB screen: Section (3602.19) High Cost-Public Verification Screen with two verified
				  records displayed.

NOTE: Districts cannot utilize the DCPUB screen for any outstanding 1516 High Cost Public verifications.

DVPUB Re-Verification Process

Re-verification is required when:

  1. A district amends the dates of service (on a previously verified claim) either on the DSPUB or DVPUB screen.
  2. A district amends the 10-month annualized cost on the DCPUB screen (on a previously verified claim) for those verifications which were identified as requiring a DCPUB screen to be completed.
  3. A district amends the 10-month annualized cost on the DSPUB or DVPUB screen (on a previously verified claim).
  4. NOTE: After a record has been "Reviewed and Locked by SED", it cannot be amended or re-verified. District should contact the STAC and Medicaid Unit for any necessary changes to a "Reviewed and Locked by SED" record.

Submission of DVPUB Signature:

The paper DVPUB Signature Form has been incorporated into the DVPUB screen starting with the 1617 school year.

Click on “Verification Completed” box on the DVPUB screen, complete the Contact Info Section and Click on Submit at the bottom of the screen.

Additional District Actions

A district can utilize the “District Count” located at the center of the upper portion of the DVPUB screen to monitor its progress in completing the verification process.

Screenshot of DVPUB screen with District Count section circled in red

Final Warnings

  1. In-district records flagged as DCPUB Required will not be available for payment until DCPUB is completed and record is verified on DVPUB.
  2. DCPUB must be completed for BOCES records where cost exceeds the 10-Month Annualized Cost listed on the BOCES year-end final cost report. Without completion of DCPUB for these BOCES students, records will be capped at amount from BOCES report. Districts must identify these records; do not wait for DCPUB Required label on DVPUB screen.
Last Updated: March 16, 2018