STAC Acronyms, Terms, and Commonly Used Screens

STAC Acronyms

Acronym Description
ADA Average Daily Balance
AOE Approved Operating Expense
APR Approved Payment Report
AVL Automated Verification Report
CCI Child Care Institution
CPSE Committee on Preschool Special Education
CSE Committee on Special Education
FTE Full Time Equivalent
ICF Intermediate Care Facility
IEP Individualized Education Program
IRA Individualized Residential Alternatives
IY Incarcerated Youth
LEA Local Educational Agency
NDU Nondistrict Unit
NRT Nonresident Tuition
OPWDD Office of People with Development Disabilities (formerly OMRDD)
OCFS Office of Children and Family Services
OMH Office of Mental Health
P-12 Special Education Office 
RTF Residential Treatment Facility
STAC System to Track and Account for Children
TAPU Total Aidable Pupil Units

State Aid Output Reports

Identifier Output Report
ATT Attendance Output Report
GEN General Formula Aid Output Report
NRT Actual Nonresident Tuition Report for Prior Year
NRTEST Estimated Nonresident Tuition Report for Current Year
PRI Private Excess Cost Aid Output Report
PUB Public Excess Cost Aid Output Report
TRA Transportation Aid Output Report

STAC Online System Screens

STAC Screen Description
Service Screens
DSCHP School Age Chapter (10-Month)
DSCSM School Age Chapter (2-Month)
DSEVL Preschool Evaluations
DSHOM School Age Homeless (10-Month)
DSINC School Age Incarcerated Youth
DSPRE Preschool 4410
DSPRV School Age Private (10-Month)
DSOSA School Age OCFS/OMH (10-Month)
DSPUB School Age Public High Cost (10-Month)
DSSEI Preschool Related Services
DSSOS School Age 4201/S.Oper. (2-Month)
DSSRS School Age Related Services (2-Month)
DSSSY School Age 4201 (10-Month)
DSUMR School Age 4408 (2-Month)
Verification Screens
DVCHP School Age Chapter (10-Month)
DVCSM School Age Chapter (2-Month)
DVEVL Preschool Evaluations
DVHOM School Age Homeless (10-Month)
DVINC School Age Incarcerated Youth
DVPRS Preschool 4410
DVPRV School Age Private (10-Month)
DVPUB School Age Public High Cost (10-Month)
DVSRL Preschool Related Services
DVST2 Related Services Transportation (2-Month)
DVST3 4201/S.Oper. Transportation (2-Month)
DVSTC School Age Chapter Trans. (2-Month)
DVSTR 4408 (DSUMR) Transportation (2-Month)
DVSUM School Age 4408 (2-Month)
DVSSY School Age 4201 (10-Month)
Query Screens
DHOUS Listing of Chapter House Names
DQAPP Agency Approvals List
DQCDI 10-Month District Chargeback Screen
DQCER Private Placement Certification List
DQCHG STAC-200/STAC-202 Child Inquire
DQCLD STAC Child Service Profile
DQEVL STAC Child Evaluation Profile
DQHOM District Homeless Eligibility List
DQPAY District School Age APR View
DQPR5 STAC Child Evaluation Print Search
DQPRG Special Education Program Listing
DQPRT STAC Child Service Print Search
DQSBO District Approval Summary
DQSUM 4408/4201 2-Mo District Summary Report
DSTC3 STAC-3 (Service Approval) Print Screen
DSTC5 STAC-5 (Eval. Approval) Print Screen
Reapplication Screens
DRPRV Private Reapplication (10-Month)
DRPUB Public Reapplication (10-Month)
DRSOS 4201/S.Oper. Reapplication (2-Month)
DRSSS State-operated Reapplication (10-Month)
DRSSY 4201 Reapplication (10-Month)
DRSUM 4408 Reaplication (2-Month)
Cost Worksheet Screens
DCPOD High Cost Public (BOCES/In-District)
DCPUB High Cost Public (Other District)
Miscellaneous Screens
CHPWD Change Usercode Password
DAGCY Agency Information
DCERT Private Certification
DCHRG Add/Update STAC-200
DEVRT Approved Evaluation Rates
DKIDS STAC Child Profile
DOMRD OPWDD Child/House Add
DSRWD Withdraw STAC Approval
DSTPD Pay Stops by District
DSTPG Pay Stops by Provider
DSTPS Pay Stops by Placement
DSTRY Amendment History
Last Updated: June 19, 2019