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School Supportive Health Services Program
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Training Calendar
List of scheduled training sessions with instructions for registration and location information for: Introduction to SSHSP, SSHSP Update Training, and STAC.

To request a copy of the current Introduction to SSHSP Part 1 and Part 2 please send an email to

Additional information on other training materials can be accessed by the links below:
Handout 1: Medicaid Qualified Providers & Documentation Requirements Handout 1 (256 KB) (REVISED-posted 7/2/15)
Handout 2: Under the Direction of/Under the Supervision of Handout 2 (16 KB) (posted 4/3/14)
Handout 3: Session/Progress Notes Handout 3 (85 KB) (REVISED-posted 7/22/15)
Handout 4: When Are Evaluations Medicaid Reimbursable-Flowchart Handout 4 (80 KB) (posted 4/3/14)
Handout 5: CPT Code Listing (HTML) (66 KB) (REVISED-posted 5/22/19)
Handout 6: Special Transportation Rates Handout 6 (142 KB) (REVISED-posted 8/19/13)
Handout 7: Billing Claiming Guidelines Handout 7 (84 KB) (posted 4/3/14)

CPEs, Random Moment Time Studies and MAC

Last Updated: November 15, 2021