Tips for Reporting Fraud Waste and Abuse

The following are examples of information you may be able to provide. These documents may be submitted through standard mail, or e-mail:

  • Type of funds or programs involved and the applicable restrictions, rules, or regulations that relate to them.
  • What the individual(s) did; include anything done to avoid detection.
  • Names of the individual(s) involved, including position, organization address, and telephone number.
  • Date(s) of the misconduct or wrongdoing.
  • Record, or other documentation to support or validate the concern

When providing information concerning a contractor or grantee fraud, it is helpful to provide the:

  • Name and address of the sub and primary contractors, including the responsible official.
  • Nature of the wrongdoing (E.g., Intentional misuse of funds for other purposes, cost misappropriation, or conflict of interest).
  • Bid, contract, or grant numbers
  • Date of the contract or grant award.
  • Cost and terms of the contract.

Here is a list of other links that may be more appropriate to directly address your concerns:

Last Updated: September 7, 2018