Methodology Letters

Methodology letters describe how a particular year's tuition rates were calculated. Each year's methodology letter includes a description of general rate setting methodologies which dictate inflation factors, nondirect cost parameters, applied revenues, total cost screens as well as specific rate setting procedures which are used to calculate tuition rates for different types of programs. Methodology Letters are in either html format or pdf format for printing.

Methodology Rate Years









School Age 14-15 prosp rate calc example XLS Image Icon (15 KB)

School Age Private & Special Acts rate reform examples:

"Higher Of" example XLS Image Icon (13 KB)

"10% enrollment decrease" example XLS Image Icon (13 KB)

"<1% recon rate change" example XLS Image Icon (12 KB)

If you need any data prior to a year that is listed contact your assigned accountant or a representative of RSU staff.

Last Updated: April 28, 2021