Graphical User Interface (GUI) Prerequisites

To prepare your PC to use the RSU GUI Online System, you will need:

  1. A connection to the internet.
  2. A web-browser - Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape 6.2 and Firefox 7.0 have been tested and are proven to work. If you use one of these browser versions or a higher level, you should be OK.
    • Macintosh Users. Click here for special instructions for Mac Users.
    • Java Plug In can now be the current version offered. You can also check for automatic updates.
    • Download and install the Java Plug In JAVA
    • The Java Policy File: In order for the RSU GUI Java applet to properly handle tabbing and copy & paste functions, you will need to download a Java Policy File. This file will provide this access between java and non-java applications. Note that you must have downloaded (or already have had) the Java plug in for the right C drive folder to exist to download this file to. In order to download this file, click on the link below and choose "save to disk":  (Note: for some browsers, clicking on the link may simply open the Java Policy file. In this case, right click on the link, and choose "Save target as")

      Download the Java Policy File.

      Use the Browse button to go to this directory:
      c:\program files\java\j2re1.4.2_05\lib\security

      There may be a java policy file already there. You will be replacing it.

    • Optimize your settings. Clicking on this link will lead you to guidance and instructions for giving the RSU GUI screens their best presentation.
    • Reboot your computer.

When attempting to connect to the SEDFIN online system, you may run into some problems. Click below for a look at what these problems may be and how to resolve them:

Potential Problems

Last Updated: March 7, 2014