Problems and Solutions for Browser Errors

Below are some of the problems you may encounter when atempting to use the rate screens. We are identifying problems as they are reported to us and also doing our best to identify a solution. Please call us at out contact numbers if there is an error we should be aware of or a solution is not presented.

1) PROBLEM: Error 904 cannot connect to server.
SOLUTION: Your firewall may be blocking incoming (or outgoing) traffic to a secure site and your networking staff needs to make some exceptions in the firewall. These exceptions may include the following:
a. Open Port 2450. This is the secure port being used for this applet.
b. Allow access to this URL:
2) PROBLEM: Error 906
SOLUTION: This message indicates that the STAC mainframe system is not available. This error should only occur during non-business hours. If you see this message during regular business hours, please contact the STAC unit at 518-474-7116. Please use this same number if you wish to arrange to have the system available during non-business hours - it is possible that such a request can be accommodated.
3) PROBLEM: Error 925 OR the following error message occurs: The screen (name of the screen you are trying to access) could not be found on the Web Server or in the CLASSPATH. Please check with your Site Administrator that your system parameters are correct and that the latest version of the screen is available.
SOLUTION: This message indicates that the GUI Screen (ASP.Net screen) you're attempting to access is out of sync with its mainframe screen counterpart. Contact one of the names at the bottom of this page as this problem needs to be resolved at SED
4) PROBLEM: Error 933
SOLUTION: This message occurs when you have attempted to add commas or other special characters to a numeric enterable field. The field will accept the decimal character, but using commas (or other special characters) as separators is not allowed. SED is currently working with the vendor to resolve this problem.
5) PROBLEM: Screen is not rendered correctly or blocked AND your machine has IE 11.0
SOLUTION: Go to IE → Tools → Compatibility settings and Add Selected Web Site NYSED.GOV.
6) PROBLEM: The status bar with single line Error Messages does not appear appear at the bottom of your screen.
(Internet Explorer)
You need to enable IE Scripting to the status line. Go to IE Tools → Internet Options → Security → Custom Level → Scroll Down until you see Scripting → Allow status bar updates via script → Select ENABLE.

Restart the browser
(Mozilla Firefox)
You will need to install the ‘Status-4-Evar’ add on. Go to Firefox Tools → Type Status-4-Evar in the search all add-ons box → Click on Install for the Status-4-Evar add-on → restart Firefox → Go to My-Add-ons → click options for Status-4-Evar → make sure ‘Allow web pages to change the status’ is checked → click OK.




Last Updated: August 19, 2014