NYSED Education Financial System (SEDFIN) - Registration Links

For County and School Employees Only

This registration screen is the tool to register for a user code and password for signing into the State Education Department Financial Computer System, (SEDFIN), screens in order to view and print a tuition rate screen and view the supporting data.
All individuals registering should be employees of the school.  No outside contracted employee's or CPA's will be given access to the system.

Please refer to School Assignments before registering if you are not sure who your accountant is at the Rate-Setting Unit.

Registrations for Security Codes:

Schools (school representative)

Counties (county designee)

Registration for Security Codes for Independent CPA's CFR training:

Independent Certfied Public Accountants

See memo explaining request to attend a CFR training session or view the on-line CFR/rate setting training modules.

To submit electronic data: Currently no data is being collected.
Log in to View/Submit Data - Electronic Data Submissions to RSU

For assistance in navigating the SEDFIN (EFRT) screens to gather information please see instructions on SEDFIN Help page.

Internet Users Printing Tuition Rate Authorization Screen and Viewing Supporting Data

  1. School employee or county staff being authorized to print tuition rate data or view supporting data are required to register in order to get a user code and assigned password. Each user should only register once.

  2. An email will be sent to the Executive Director or County Executive with the appropriate security codes;
  • Usercode - First letter of first name and first seven letters of second name
  • Password - This will be established by RSU and sent in the email to the Executive Director or County Executive.
Last Updated: November 26, 2013