To: District Business Officials
From: Paula Cooper, Education Finance Specialist
Date: August 31, 2015
Subject: New Procedure - STAC Online Re-applications for Continuing 10-Month Placement at §4201 State Supported Schools - Effective September 1, 2015PDF Document

This is to notify your district of an important change in processing of reimbursement approvals for students placed at the eleven State supported (§4201) schools across the State of New York:

  • Cleary School for the Deaf
  • New York School for the Deaf
  • Henry Viscardi School
  • St. Mary’s School for the Deaf
  • Lavelle School for the Blind
  • Lexington School for the Deaf
  • NY Institute for Special Education
  • Mill Neck Manor School for Deaf
  • Rochester School for the Deaf
  • St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf
  • St. Francis de Sales School for the Deaf

These schools are designated for children who are deaf, blind or may have multiple disabilities. The NYS School for the Deaf at Rome and the NYS School for the Blind at Batavia are State operated schools, not §4201 State supported schools, and are not affected by this change. The 10-month tuition for each student attending a §4201 school is billed directly by such school to the student’s current district of residence. The State of New York reimburses districts for 10-month tuition expense incurred for each approved §4201school student, less the district’s basic contribution amount.

District of Residence to Submit Re-applications for Students in Continuing 10-month Placement

Effective with the 2015-16 school year and forward, a request for reimbursement approval must be submitted by your district to the STAC and Medicaid Unit to receive aid for students continuing in the same placement.

School districts now have the capability to submit a re-application for reimbursement approval for students in continuing placement at a §4201 school by using the “DRSSY” STAC Online System screen. Instructions are found on the reverse side of this page. Initial placements, and most significant changes in placement, will continue to require the submission of a new 4201 Application and/or STAC-1 form to the State Education Department’s Non-district Unit. 

Students that already have a 10-month service record for the 2015-16 school year, or did not receive appointment prior to April 1st are not on your school’s reapplication list. Please review re-applications available on the DRSSY screen, and process those continuing in placement for this year. Reimbursement approvals for initial and changed placements will be entered in the Online System by the STAC and Medicaid Unit. Summer re-applications will continue to be processed by the §4201 State-supported schools.

Questions regarding this memorandum may be directed to me at (518) 474-7116. Questions regarding Commissioner’s Appointments may be directed to the Office of Special Education Nondistrict Unit at 518-473-1185.

Instructions for DRSSY Screen

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April 20, 2022