Reports for 2020-21 County Administrative Cost Claiming

To: Authorized Municipality Representatives
From: Robert J. Wojtkiewicz Jr., Education Finance Specialist 2
Date: April 22, 2022
Subject: Reports for 2020-21 County Administrative Cost Claiming pdf file

Section 4410 of the Education Law entitles counties to receive a maximum administrative cost reimbursement of seventy-five ($75) dollars per eligible preschool student with a disability. The “Reimbursable Approved Administrative Cost” is the lesser of your county’s reported costs or the product of the STAC count of preschoolers and the maximum per student amount of $75.

The county administrative expense reports, Preschoolers Generating Administrative Costs and Reimbursement for County Administrative Expenses, are now available via FTP file accessed through the SED File Transfer Manager (SED FTM) site.

To assist in the retrieval of these reports and the associated data, STAC has created a guidebook named County Administrative Cost Reimbursement Guidebook. This reference material contains instructions on how to access the SED FTM site.

If you require assistance, please contact Nicholas Thayer - or Robert Wojtkiewicz -

Last Updated: April 22, 2022