County Administrative Cost Claiming Memo

TO:              Authorized Municipality Representatives

FROM:         Robert J. Wojtkiewicz Jr., Education Finance Specialist 2

DATE:          February 2, 2022

SUBJECT:    2020-21 County Administrative Cost Claiming


Section 4410 of Education Law entitles counties to receive a maximum administrative cost reimbursement of seventy-five dollars ($75) per eligible preschool student with a disability. The “Reimbursable Approved Administrative Cost” is the lesser of your county’s reported costs or the product of the STAC count of preschoolers and the maximum per student amount of $75.

DCADM Screen  

Administrative costs must be completed on the DCADM online screen and electronic signature submitted to us on or before March 11, 2022. A table listing Reimbursable County Administrative Costs is provided at the end of this memo.


Counties will be able to view their student lists via the DQKID screen and will be able to retrieve an FTP file that can be accessed through the SED File Transfer Manager (SED FTM) site. Counties will also be given access the DQCAD screen which provides current year administrative costs plus two prior years.

These two screens (DQKID, DQCAD) and the reports Preschoolers Generating Administrative Costs and Reimbursement for County Administrative Expenses will be available to your county after March 31, 2022 once claiming has closed.

To assist in the retrieval of these reports and their associated data we have included the County Administrative Cost Reimbursement Guidebook which contains instructions on how to access the SED FTM site.

If you have any questions regarding this process for claiming administrative costs, please email or




1 Professional Salaries

Coordination of all Program Services:

  • Program Services
  • Transportation
  • Financial Services
2 Support Staff Salaries

Secretarial / Program Support:

  • Program
  • Transportation
  • Financial
3 Purchased Services Necessary Consultant Services
4 Supplies and Materials Supplies and Materials, including equipment having a unit value under $300, used for program business.
5 Travel Expenses Reimbursement for travel expenses of employed coordinator/support/other personnel incurred in program services.
6 Employee Benefits Benefits paid by employer in conjunction with salaries for coordinator/support services.
7 Indirect Costs

Costs incurred by the county in support of, or in response to program activities, including storing and securing documentation of program business.

Additional cost allocations made for other county agencies.



Last Updated: February 1, 2022