Instructions for Preschool Reporting

These instructions will inform you how to set up an Access database on your PC or laptop containing STAC data from your county. You can then generate reports about your County’s STAC data from this database.

  1. Create an SED File Transfer Manager account with the STAC Unit.
  2. Request that STAC create a summary file for your county on a regular basis – or on a “as-need” basis. The idea is to have a summary file for your county for the school year you desire with the SED File Transfer Manager when you need it there.
  3. Create a folder on your C:\ drive called C:\STAC.
  4. Download the Program Files that you will need.

    For each school year, there exists a program file containing all programs maintained by STAC. You can download the program files for specific school years or download all program files for all years from the following link: Download the program file(s) you need into C:\STAC.
  5. Download the Summary file of your choice into C:\STAC as summfile.txt. (Within the SED File Transfer Manager, site your summary file will have a name like CCCC_2122_SUMM.TXT and CCCC_2122_EVAL-SUMM.TXT (where CCCC = the first 4 characters of your county’s name). You will need to download this file into C:\STAC, and then rename it to summfile.txt.
  6. Download the Preschool Reporting Database STAC_PRE.MDB into C:\STAC.
    Note: You only need to do this step once. Once you have STAC_PRE.MDB file in C:\STAC, you do not need to copy it there again.
  7. Double-click on STAC_PRE.MDB. When the database opens up, just click on “Pre-school Transactions” OR Double-click on STAC_PRE.MDB. Bring up the “Reports” tab. Double-click (or highlight and hit run) the “PreschoolSummaryReport”.
Last Updated: April 19, 2022