2017-18 DVPUB Memo (Other District/BOCES)

TO: Official State Aid Designee February 2019
FROM: Edwin Truax, Associate in School Business Management
SUBJECT: 2017-18 STAC On-Line Verification (DVPUB) for School Age 10-Month High Cost Public Placements – Deadline April 19, 2019 pdf file

Under Section 3602 of New York State Education Law, the Committee on Special Education (CSE) responsible school district may file a Request for Reimbursement Approval for school age special education students in 10-month district or BOCES programs and who have an annualized special education cost that exceeds their district public excess cost threshold dollar amount.

Public excess cost aid is generated to the CSE district for direct special education services that are verified on the STAC online verification screen (DVPUB). 2018-19 excess cost aid (including High Cost Public aid) is based on 2017-18 school year enrollment and education costs.  Current year funding is available to districts for 2017-18 claims verified by June 30, 2019.  Prior year funding is available to districts for 2016-17 claims verified by June 30, 2019.

2017-18 DVPUB Online Verification Process Overview:

  • In-District: In-district claims opened for verification on October 17, 2018.
    Complete the DCPUB High Cost Worksheet to calculate the annualized cost and to provide cost breakdowns for any claims flagged as "DCPUB Required" or selected by SED for review.
  • Other District: Other district claims open for verification on February 15, 2019.
    Complete the new DCPOD High Cost Worksheet to provide cost breakdowns for all claims that exceed the district threshold.
  • BOCES: BOCES claims open for verification on February 15, 2019.
    Complete the DCPUB High Cost Worksheet for any BOCES claim records where the claimed cost exceeds the cost listed on the BOCES Year-End Final Cost Report.
  • In-district, other district, and BOCES claims must all be verified on the DVPUB screen to be eligible for reimbursement. To permit time for review, please verify by April 19, 2019.

Instructions on how to utilize the DCPUB online screen can be found at:

New for 2017-18:  A new High Cost Worksheet screen for students educated by another district has been introduced. Instructions on how to utilize the DCPOD online screen can be found at:

Districts will only be required to submit additional back-up documentation substantiating 2017-18 school year claims for verified students selected by the STAC and Medicaid Unit for in-depth review. Districts that are required to provide such documentation will receive an e-mail from the STAC and Medicaid Unit requesting IEPs, and other cost documentation, for selected students identified for review.

Before you begin your DVPUB online verification process, please review the "Guide to Online Verification of 10-Mo. High Cost Public Placements" available on the STAC unit website at: https://www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/stac_online_system/online_instructions/guide_DVPUB.pdf

  • The DVPUB online verification screen includes all public (in-district and other district) and BOCES 10-month excess cost school age placements.
  • The DVPUB online verification screen allows amendments in the "To/From" date fields and the "10-month Annualized Costs" field. Prior to amending the "To/From" dates, check the "Education Provider Program Dates" displayed at the top of the DVPUB screen.  If a student was enrolled for the entire 10-month school year and the FTE displayed for the student is 1.000, there is no need to adjust the "To/From" dates.
  • DVPUB online verification must be processed one public educational provider (in-district, other district, or BOCES) at a time.
  • For each student, check/amend the "To/From" dates and the "10-Month Annualized Cost" and click the "verify" box on the DVPUB screen. A list of your unverified students can be obtained on either the DQAPP online screen or the DVPUB online screen.

Guidance for Calculating 10-Month Annualized Costs for In-District Verifications:

A list of allowable costs for special education services which may be claimed for Public Excess High Cost Aid and a list of other costs which may not be claimed can be found by clicking on the link below:


Guidance for Reporting 10-Month Annualized Costs for Other-District Verifications:

The educating district may bill the CSE district based on a child-specific non-resident student cost calculation, but only if it calculates child-specific bills for every nonresident student.  Otherwise, the educating district must bill for all nonresident students based on the actual "Non-Resident Tuition" NRT rates posted on SAMS.  The NRT rates are average cost calculations which include all special education costs for 1:1 aides and related services, so the other educating district may not include additional charges, if it is billing based on the posted NRT rates.

Guidance for BOCES Verifications:

Refer to the 2017-18 BOCES Year-End Report table posted on the STAC website which lists the name and run-date of each BOCES's Year-End Final Cost Report, which a district must use to correctly amend/verify the "To/From" and "10-Month Annualized Cost" fields on the DVPUB online verification screen.  This BOCES
year-end report should be in the Business, CSE, or Superintendent's Office.

When entering your BOCES verification data onto the DVPUB screen from the 2017-18 BOCES Year-End Cost/Refund Report, you must use the appropriate version of that report indicated on the 2017-18 BOCES Year-End Report table posted on the STAC website: https://www.oms.nysed.gov/stac/schoolage/correspondence/201718_boces_yearend_report_table.html

If you cannot locate the version of the BOCES Year-End Report listed, do not complete the DVPUB screen for those BOCES placements.  Contact the BOCES Business Office or the STAC and Medicaid Unit for a copy.  If the BOCES sent you two versions of the report, use the one which has "Summary-Level" in the title or which has a single-line total covering all the educational services for a particular set of "To/From" dates.

NOTE:  If your district provided a BOCES student with additional IEP-approved services either not contracted through BOCES or not included in the BOCES Year-End report (e.g. after-school services), you will be required to complete the "High Cost Student Worksheet" screen (DCPUB) or cost will be capped and locked at amount listed on BOCES report.

Once all your verifications have been processed, please click on the "Verification Completed" button (inside the "Completion of 10-Mo. Verification" box) located at the top right-hand side of the DVPUB screen.  Next, click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the DVPUB screen.

NOTE: Verified records reviewed and approved by the STAC and Medicaid Unit will be locked.  If a district needs to amend and re-verify a locked STAC record, contact the STAC and Medicaid Unit.  For questions on calculating 10-month annualized costs or the DCPUB/DCPOD/DVPUB online screens, please contact Edwin Truax, Adam Lenhardt, Kelly Mason, Andrew Kitzrow, or Thomas Hitchcock at 518-474-7116.

Last Updated: December 13, 2021