EFH277 Student Listings for 1819 Approvals Memo

March 2020
TO: Official State Aid Designee
FROM: Edwin Truax, Associate in School Business Management
SUBJECT: 2018/19 School Year (2019/20 Aid Year) Public and Private Excess Cost Aid STAC Approval Backup Listings Now Available pdf file

The STAC/Medicaid Unit provides student enrollment listings (EFH277) as backup to your  current aid year State Aid PUB and PRI output reports. Previously, these listings were mailed to the school districts. These listings are now available as PDF documents in each school district’s “outbasket” within the SED File Transfer Manager (FTM).

The following student enrollment backup listings were used to generate 2019/20 Private Excess Cost Aid (PRI report, line 13) and 2019/20 Public High Cost Apportionment Aid (PUB report, line 8):

Placement Type EFH277
Report Date
SED File Transfer Manager (FTM)
Filename begins with Date Modified
Public 02/25/2020 EFH277_1920_PUB_20200226 2/26/20
Private 02/27/2020 EFH277_1920_PRV_20200303 3/3/20

The 2019/20 State Aid PRI and PUB output reports can be viewed by accessing the State Aid Management System (SAMS), selecting the “snapshot” option, and accessing the “February 20, 2020 STAC Update”. Aidable Excess Cost totals on the 2019/20 PRI line 12 and PUB line 7 from the “2/20/20 snapshot” should match or be very close to the Aidable Excess Cost district totals on the EFH277 reports listed above.

Access to the SED File Transfer Manager (FTM) is required to view the EFH277 reports. Those needing access can visit:

For questions on the EFH277 reports, please contact Kelly Mason or Andrew Kitzrow in the STAC/Medicaid unit.  For questions on how to access the “snapshot” PUB and PRI output reports in SAMS, please contact the State Aid unit at 518-474-2977.

Last Updated: March 27, 2020