Reimbursement for Placements As a Result of Impartial Hearings

The CSE district is fiscally responsible for 100% of the tuition costs, plus 38.424% of maintenance costs, if applicable, starting from the effective date of the Hearing Officer’s recommendation for placement.

The CSE district will need to hold a CSE meeting to approve the placement and will need to process a DCERT on the STAC Online System.

The CSE district will only be eligible for private excess cost aid beginning with the DCERT certification date on the STAC Online System.

The parent who placed the student is responsible for tuition and, if applicable, maintenance for the part of the year the Officer did not approve.

STAC Processing for Impartial Hearing Placements:

1.) A DCERT private placement certification record is required for initial year of Officer’s approval. A DCERT record is required for subsequent years if CSE district recommends continuing placement.

2.) The CSE district must process a STAC reimbursement approval on the STAC Online System.

3.) The CSE district is responsible for verifying the service approval in order to receive State aid.



Last Updated: December 10, 2021