The STAC Unit requires application for each school year that the student is homeless. While the eligibility may extend across school years, the reimbursement is specific to a school year.

The school-age homeless student may:

  • be a student with or without a disability
  • attend a public school district program, an approved BOCES program or an approved private school program, if a student has a disability.

A Homeless student who arrives in your district from outside New York State is not eligible for State Aid reimbursement and cannot be STACed as a Homeless Student.  However, an Eligibility Form (STAC 202) should still be completed and kept on file. Once the student becomes permanently housed in a NYS school district, the district where permanent housing was established then becomes the “District Before Becoming Homeless” should the student become homeless again.  Please contact www.nysteachs.org for information regarding Federal funding for students not eligible for funding with New York State.

Payment requirements:

  • Eligibility Form (STAC 202) - Sent to NYSED
  • Reimbursement approval (DSHOM screen)
  • Verification of Services (AVL-Automated Verification List)

Homeless preschoolers with a disability are paid from special education funds to the county responsible for those students.



Last Updated: July 11, 2022