Educational Services to an Incarcerated Youth

Under Section 3202.7 of the New York State Education Law an incarcerated youth under the age of 21 years that has not received a high school diploma is eligible to receive educational services.  The New York State public school district in which the correctional facility is located is responsible for providing the educational services.  This district can apply to the State Education Department for aid in educating these students.  Once the correctional facility has determined that educational services are needed for a child they contact the public school district in which the facility is located.

Age Eligibility for Incarcerated Youth Education Program

Section 3202.7 of Education Law provides for the education of students who are incarcerated in county correctional facilities and the fiscal responsibility that applies.  Eligibility is limited to students who are not 21 years old on the date of their incarceration.  Students who have already turned 21 ARE NOT eligible for education services under this section.

Incarcerated Youth Placements

Receipt of a high school equivalency diploma (passing the GED) does not terminate the entitlement to a free and public education leading to a high school diploma. If an incarcerated youth is receiving course work leading to a diploma, reimbursement is allowed.

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Last Updated: December 10, 2021