Costs for 10-Month Chapter 47 (GRP), 66 (DEV), & 721 (ICE or IRA Placements)

10-Month Fields to be Completed
Chapter Type Annualized
Chapter 47 - Private
Group Home - GRP
No No No Optional Optional
Chapter 47 - Public
Group Home - GRP
Yes No Yes Optional Optional
Chapter 66 - Public
Developmental Ctr - DEV
Yes No Yes Optional Optional
Chapter 721 - Private
No Yes No Optional Optional
Chapter 721 - Public
Yes Yes Yes Optional Optional

*ICF = Intermediate Care Facility
*IRA = Individualized Residential Alternative

“ANNUALIZED COST” applies to public placements only.  It is the 10-month rate for education services after taking into account any year-end refunds for students placed at BOCES.  There is no threshold for Chapter placements. (Do not include related services if they are reported separately under “RELATED SERVICES”).

“TRANSPORTATION COST” (for the 10-month period) applies only to Chapter 721 ICF and IRA placements (public or private).  Enter the cost of student transportation.
“RELATED SERVICES” is used to report any public placement related services costs not included in the Annualized Cost.

“ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS” may be claimed by the district for public or private placements, but may not exceed 5% of the cost of education (plus 5% of related services for public placements).

“CSE COSTS “ are extraordinary Committee on Special Education costs. These extraordinary costs may apply to public or private placements.  Regular CSE costs should not be claimed, since they should be covered by the “ADMINISTRATIVE COSTS” claimed by the district.

Last Updated: December 13, 2022